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Will I Get Side Effects After Going Vegan?

There are a lot of people who would consider turning into vegetarian or vegan but they do have some concerns and worries that going vegan may cause them to have some unforeseeable side effects which may be detrimental for their body and overall health.

Vegetarian Dieting
Vegetarian Dieting

Side Effects From Going Vegetarian?

Some people are concern that they heard their friends complained of always feeling very cold and having thin cold hands after going vegan. They thought that this is because of the deficiency in a certain vitamin that makes their vegan friends feeling the cold more than their omnivore friends.

If you have such concern, you shouldn’t worry much as it is quite normal for vegetarians and vegans to feel colder in the first few years after converting.

As long as you are eating the right vegetables and fruits, there is very unlikely for the cold to be caused by vitamin deficiency. I would think that a decent amount of this is from the fact that most of the vegetables can make you lose weight and resulting in you easily getting cold.

And another issue would be after people convert into a vegetarian, most of them will undergo the essential detoxification from all the animal products the body is eliminating. When the process is finished, your body is going to create a lot of positive energy and you are feeling very comfortable and healthy by that time.

If you are feeling like having some strange side effects such as heartburn, weird moods, restless sleep, and nausea, these symptoms may be caused by the deficiency of B-12 vitamin. And some other common issues would be low iron, zinc, and protein.

Once you have supplemented the missing minerals and vitamins in your diet by applying a variety of fruits and vegetables, your condition will be changing. If you are much worried about your condition, then you may go to seek a nutritionist as they can assist you to make a vegetarian diet according to your family’s nutritional standards.

To get more protein, you can add various beans into your diet. Also, the cabbage and legumes e will give you plenty of protein, then just eat Iron supplements.

Vegetarian Can Have Irregular Periods?

Some people claimed that after they become a vegetarian, they are suffering from an irregularity of their periods. Some of them when to seek for doctor and found they are having insufficient iron and causing anemia.

But, actually being vegan will not causing a deficiency in anything or causing someone to have irregular periods. As I have many vegetarian friends told me that after they consume fruits and vegetables for a certain time, their periods have become much more regular compare to the time when they consume a lot of meats.

Virtually there is no discomfort or pains experienced by them. Some of them tend to have moody for a few days, however, most of them being having a huge improvement since converting to vegetarian.

Dark Circles Under Eyes Caused By Vegetables?

My friend has recently been converted into a vegan. However, he does have a concern that he discovered most vegetarians are having dark patches under their eyes. He thought this is caused by insufficient nutrition taking from vegetables.

The matter of fact is, going vegetarian or vegan will not cause dark circles under the eyes. The major factors that can cause this would be something related to smoking, consume too much coffee, caffeine, or soda beverages which will make dark circles under eyes become worse.

Besides, if he/she is typically having a wrong eating habit, side effects of some drugs, suffer from a period of insomnia, all these can as well contribute to the dark eyes causes.

So, there is no side effect of becoming a vegetarian. And the most uncomfortable issue would be just a temporary one. And what we can say is that there are more benefits than so-called “side effects” we can have from being vegetarian.

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