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When You Need a Laprascopic Varicocelectomy

When it comes to dealing with the scrotum or groin area, you probably don’t want to hesitate in getting things checked out, guys. It’s one thing to dislike doctors, but when the problem happens to be in a highly sensitive area, you must take action. If you haven’t already noticed, varicocele is a major problem. Varicocele is the swelling of the veins that prevent the spermatic cord from doing its job. When the blood backs up, the veins get bigger – and while it may not be immediately painful, the problem is still there and needs to be fixed. Proper blood flow is important to the body and the veins are the channel that pumps that blood. A laparoscopic-varicocelectomy is a way to get rid of the problem. But before you explore that, you have to know what to look for.

Laprascopic Varicocelectomy

  • Discoloration of the scrotum – If you start to see some spider veins or deep red rashes on the scrotum then more than likely you have a problem with varicocele. Oftentimes this is painful; as such you should get it checked out as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to the testes. In some cases, the discolorations can be painless – but even so it still requires the blood overflow from the veins to be drained and wasted away properly.
  • General pain in the scrotum – This is extremely evident when sitting and standing constantly. It is not something people want to go through daily. It is hard enough to maintain focus when you are dealing with pain, but when the pain is in the groin it makes it even worse. You don’t necessarily have to see the veins or the discoloration.
  • Testicular Atrophy – This is definitely one thing that no male should ever have to experience. When the spermatic cord can’t perform its job it leads to testicular atrophy. While not overtly damaging or painful it is something of which that needs to be handled. This afflicts children and adolescents frequently. A good sports physical is good enough to determine whether someone has atrophy or not.
  • Infertility – Obviously the spermatic cord helps with sperm production, but if it is stunted then it can’t produce the necessary sperm. This is why it is so vital that men take a semen analysis before they get married – or when they plan on having children.

Even if you are not astute, it’s okay. Varicocele is often caught in general assessments and doctor visits. A laparoscopic-varicocelectomy procedure is a way to get rid of the problem. Once the overflow of blood goes away you will see improvement in your scrotum area.

How This Surgery Works

Quite simply, the surgeon will make small incisions and use small tools to cut off the enlarged veins from the good ones (it is quite obvious which ones are good and bad). Veins that were dripping blood into an already enlarged vein would be tied off. Simple enough to do and the benefit of it can’t be ignored. It’s already nerve wracking for men to have any operation dealing with their groin area, but this kind of surgery will reduce the chances of damage to any vital testicular artery and the recovery rate is often very fast.

The laparoscopic-varicocelectomy procedure is done while the patient is under anesthesia, and it is generally very quick to complete.

When it comes to general health, don’t ignore your scrotum, men. Even though you don’t feel any pain down there you still have to get it checked out. You will enjoy a healthy groin area if you get ahead of, or fix the problem. Diagnosis of varicocele is generally very fast, typically diagnosed within one visit.