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What to Eat Before, During and After a Running Workout

Eating the right food before, during and after a running session is of utter importance. Without the proper running nutrition you will not be able to do your best, or be stronger. The easiest way for most runners is to eat energy bars, gels and sport drinks. And this is also healthy, because these products have the exact mix between proteins, carbohydrates and fat in one package. The problem is that these products are expensive and can actually be an economic strain. This article will tell you what foods you can use to replace the bars, gels and drinks.

Before a run it is important to fill your body with long carbohydrates. Eat a good meal, preferably something with wheat in it, because those carbohydrates are extremely long lasting. It also makes sure that your body feels light while your muscles receive energy. Also remember to eat quite a while before your running session, as nothing is worse than running with a full stomach.

running workout
running workout

While you are running it is easier for your body to consume drinks and snacks that full size meal, even if you have a short break where you are eating. Here I will actually recommend an energy powder that you can just mix with water, because it is fairly inexpensive and the only other option is actually soda or juice. And if you compare soda/juice to energy powders you will figure that the powder is between 2-4 times as cheap if you buy it from the right places. Remember that most things online are often way cheaper than the supplements you find in the stores, especially if you live in the US.

When it comes to food while running you should just be snacking, not eating any big meals. Good snacks are for example biscuits or even small gummy bears, because they are in small packs and can be consumed quickly. Here it is not as important with long carbohydrates as you probably do not have much left of your session. If you are running because you want to reduce weight it is not recommended to eat during the workout.

Right after a run it is important to get a carbohydrate boost, so you don’t have to experience that period where you just want to go to bed. A good idea can be to chug a soda, but when you come home the most important thing is proteins. As proteins are the building blocks of our muscles and if the body doesn’t have those building blocks available the entire running session has been for nothing. Here we recommend taking a protein shake not long after the workout, which will also help for recovery. If you buy the online they do not cost much either. When you come home you need to make and eat a protein rich meal.

There are plenty of foods to choose from: eggs, meat, chicken and fish are just some of many examples. An important thing to remember is to not wait too long until you has this big protein meal. As the main part of the muscle building happens almost straight after the workout.