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What Not to Eat and Drink for Whiter Teeth

Even though everyone strives to have the perfect smile, there are things that you may unknowingly be doing to hinder how brilliant your smile is. Many of the foods and drinks you love could be prohibiting you from having a whiter, brighter smile. For some of the top foods and drinks that cause discoloration in your teeth, we have outlined them below for you.

Even though tea is considered a healthy beverage, it is not always one of the best choices for keeping your teeth white. Tea causes more stains on your teeth than that of coffee, especially for those who consume the black varieties. According to recent studies, it has been shown that herbal and white teas can both erode away your natural enamel and create stains on your teeth.

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Even though sauces are extremely delicious, those that are deeply colored can do a number on your teeth. To avoid extreme discoloration, try to limit your intake of tomato sauce, soy sauce and curry sauce. For less invasive options, try some of the lighter cream sauces to bring flavor into your dishes. Rinse or brush after consuming darker sauces to help minimize the effects they will have on your teeth.

Sports Drinks
Acidic drinks can also cause stains on your teeth. Sports or energy drinks can erode your tooth enamel, which helps open your teeth to the potential effects of staining. When you are exercising, you will want to limit the amount of sports drinks you consume. Water is a far better choice where your teeth are concerned, so think about that before opening one of those acidic sports drinks.

Molecules that are intensely pigmented will end up sticking to your tooth enamel, which is why blueberries, cherries, pomegranates and other brightly colored berries can cause staining on your teeth. Pies and juices that are made from these fruits can also lead to staining upon consumption. Fruits that do not have the degree of pigmentation that these berries do, such as white cranberries and white grapes, are far less likely to cause the staining on your teeth. Even though they may not stain your teeth like the others, their acidic nature can still cause damage to your enamel. Make sure to floss and brush after consuming any of these berries for optimal results.

Soda and Other Carbonated Beverages
All of the chromogens and acid in these drinks can end up staining your teeth. Even sodas that are lightly colored have adequate amounts of acid to promote staining from other foods and drinks. If you think about it, the acidity in these drinks is so intense at times that it compares to the acidity levels in the battery of your car. Many of the sodas have a flavored additive in them that will only further their damaging effects.

To help minimize the effects of staining on your teeth, you can always try using a straw when drinking those beverages that are highly acidic and damaging to your teeth. In the end, you will want to brush and floss as much as possible to help limit the damage done from various foods and drinks. Even though you may not be able to eliminate all of those items from your routine, you can do as much as you can to help limit the potential effects. You will probably have to whiten your teeth periodically to help keep them white, bright and beautiful.