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Top Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Stimulants are supplements or food products which boost your metabolism and get your heart beating faster. This then means that you feel more awake and more alert and at the same time it means you burn more fat. This normally works by putting your body in the ‘fight or flight’ response through the production of adrenaline from the pituitary gland, and stimulants you can use safely and cheaply include caffeine and guarana. Thermogenics are also a kind of ‘extreme’ stimulant intended to be used for fat loss, but it’s important to note that these can cause health problems if used too much as they place the body in a constant state of stress leaving you open to illness and even heart problems.



Our body is all the time trying to maintain a constant core temperature and for this reason our heart rate can increase in extreme temperatures as it tries to warm us up or cool us down. For this reason it is often possible to increase our metabolism simply by going in a sauna or a hot tub, r by taking a cold shower.


Running is one of the very best ways to increase your heart rate and thus your metabolism, and even better than running is sprinting which involves even greater exertion. Even better than that though is to run and use ‘interval training’. If would like to shave fat the quickest way there is, then interval training is the best training for you. Here you break up your CV into sections where you run faster before jogging less quickly for a while to enable yourself to go faster again later. This way you are then able to increase your heart rate more than you could otherwise, and to get your blood pumping faster around your circulatory system.  Because you keep running quickly again each time you are able to you can keep your heart rate at a much higher level and you will produce more growth hormone and increase your metabolism more as a result. As it is highly intensive kind of exercise however this is purely recommended for people with no existing health conditions and with a good fitness.


Compound Exercise

Compound exercises are exercises which utilize multiple muscle groups in unison and thus work our bodies harder overall than ‘isolated’ movements. The best known type of compound movements are the bench press, the squat, the deadlift and the clean and press all of which are multi-part moves that have no support and engage multiple muscle groups.


Furthermore it’s worth noting that simply having lots of muscle will increase our metabolism. The reason for this is that our body needs to burn energy and provide nutrients simply to maintain that muscle, which means you end up burning more calories even when you’re sleeping.


Our metabolism is reliant on our blood being pumped freely around our body to burn and carry oxygen and to supply us with our essential nutrients. This then means that we need a healthy and well-functioning circulatory system if we are going to safely raise our metabolism which in turn means that diet plays a large role. Most important is to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure which can be achieved by avoiding saturated fats but making sure to get plenty of fiber.