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Tongkat Ali Test Results Will Show The Way

The most prolific testosterone booster of nature is the Tongkat Ali extract. This all-natural and wondrous herb has been tested every year for several reasons, from possibly using it as a cure for cancer to using it to see how it affects levels of testosterone in the human body.

tongkat ali extract

Plant from South East Asia

The mature roots of the Eurycoma Longifolia trees flourishing in the Southeast Asian rain forests are the source for this one-of-a-kind extract. They are mostly sourced out of Burma and Malaysia. However, the extract was so successful that unscrupulous businesses started to use immature trees from various countries, but these are not very effective alternatives to the Tongkat Ali extract.

if you want real results and benefits from the best aphrodisiac of nature, as Dr. Mehmet oz called it during his national TV show, then you best use the Tongkat Ali extract produced by Malaysian manufacturers, because they are dedicated to producing safe and effective products.

Investment from Malaysian Government

The Malaysian government invested millions of dollars to ensure that the manufacturing process is cutting edge. The country is pushing for a global standard for processing and distributing the Tongkat Ali extract, because they understand that the demand for this effective product will be taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses. At the moment, Malaysia is the only country that is completely transparent in the labeling of the product.

The important thing is to make sure that you know the provider and know the source of your product, or where it was manufactured. This way, you can be sure that you get quality products and effective results.

Malaysia is known as the authority for the extract, and has even gone as far as collaborating with renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to file a joint patent in order to use Tongkat Ali as a medicine for potentially treating breast cancer. No conclusive results were found as of yet, but there are encouraging preliminary tests.

The results of several tests on both women and men increased the demand for Tongkat Ali extract worldwide. It was initially tested by the government of Malaysia on animals, which produced positive results on the increase of energy and sex drive of the subjects.

tongkat ali plant

The Tongkat Ali extract has been used by Southeast Asian natives for centuries, and so it wasn’t that long before the medicine was approved for use as a testosterone booster. In the modern age, you can find this herbal supplement being distributed all over the world. It is no secret that its success in increasing sex drive in females and males has driven international demand for Tongkat Ali extract.

The male body’s central sex hormone is testosterone, which determines the main and secondary sex characteristics in the body. The level of testosterone starts to decline after around age 30. Health conditions can also contribute to this decline, which includes diabetes 2, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, stress, anxiety, and depression. They lower the free and bound testosterone production.

Symptom of Low Testosterone

A common symptom of low testosterone is erectile dysfunction (ED). Other symptoms include decreased bone mineral density, reduced lean body mass, fatigue, and a depressed mood. The ED and low testosterone can also be due to a glandular or testicular problem.

Fortunately, Tongkat Ali extract was tested successfully by independent laboratories beyond Malaysia, so you can be assured of an objective claim. Results show that Tongkat Ali extract increases both male and female testosterone level.

Last 2005 in Chicago, Illinois, ZRT Laboratories tested 32 males for three months. Ninety per cent of the subjects were found to have an increase in testosterone level at the end of the test. Some even doubled their levels of testosterone. Perhaps a well-documented result is that of the 72-year-old male whose level increased from 321 to 721, on January 31, 2005 and April 28, 2005 respectively.

Golden Colorado’s Aeron Life Cycles also performed extensive tests. They had candidates from ages 50 to 59, with testosterone levels ranging from 30 to 96 pg/ml before using Malaysian Tongkat Ali extract. After using Tongkat Ali for four weeks, these men increased their testosterone levels to 49 to 177 pg/ml. A range of 60- to 69-year-old men went even from the range of 32 to 86 pg/ml to 40 to 158 pg/ml.

For centuries, Southeast Asian natives have known about the good effects of Tongkat Ali, and science is only fairly recently catching up. The increase in levels of testosterone help increase male libido and help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction positively. You can expect longer lasting erections, increase in sexual desire in your relationship, and a higher sexual energy level.

Now you have a chance for a safe, alternative treatment for low testosterone. Try out the Malaysian Tongkat Ali extract and see the difference it makes in your life. You can finally get over the embarrassment of low testosterone. This safe and effective natural remedy will help you in your life.