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Tips to Cure Wisdom Tooth Pain

People often complain when their wisdom teeth start pushing through their gums. Wisdom tooth pain can be extremely troublesome, because some people do not have enough room in their mouths to allow wisdom teeth to appear without a problem.

Wisdom teeth can become impacted, pushing against adjacent teeth. They also can come in crooked pushing all the teeth around on the top and bottom of the mouth, this makes all the teeth and gums sore, red and uncomfortable.

Easy Tips to Remove the Pain

Fortunately, the pain that is felt from wisdom teeth can be diminished greatly at home with a few easy tips and proper care.

One of the best ways to reduce wisdom tooth pain is to take an over the counter pain reliever. Pain relievers that are normally taken for muscle pain or headaches are a good choice. Also, products can be found at the local pharmacy that numbs the gums. These numbing agents can be used when throbbing becomes too much to bare.

wisdom teeth

Ice packs and cold compresses can be used on the cheeks, mouth and neck, just make sure you wrap the ice in a towel before you apply it to save yourself from freeze burns.

Clove oil is a natural way to reduce tooth pain, and this is a great option for individuals who do not like to take a lot of medication. Clove oil can be purchased at a local grocery store and placed directly on the gums around the wisdom teeth.

Consume More Soft Foods

In general, when wisdom tooth pain is felt soft foods should be eaten throughout the day. Yogurt, ice cream, cheeses and breads are soft enough to chew without adding pressure to the teeth. These soft foods should be eaten the entire time that wisdom teeth feel uncomfortable, so that excess stress is not placed on the teeth. Ice pops and frozen drinks are a delicious way to reduce tooth pain and these should be consumed in abundance to keep soreness to a minimum. Vitamin C is a great way to boost the immune system to avoid tooth infections, so fruity ice treats that contain oranges and strawberries should be picked out.

When wisdom teeth are extremely painful for weeks or months at a time, it is wise for individuals to find a permanent option to reduce pain. Teenagers and young adults can not get wisdom teeth pulled that have not popped through the gums. Fortunately, braces can be used to provide room for wisdom teeth and to keep pain to a minimum. Orthodontists take x-rays of the mouth and they will plan out tooth movements for a healthy and pain free mouth. Sometimes, teeth need to be pulled before braces are put on, but this is absolutely necessary to make sure that there is enough room in the mouth for permanent teeth and impending wisdom teeth.