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The Vegan Solution

In this world of rapidly increasing human population, new directions in food development will become a necessity in our near future. The majority of this population has survived off simple indigenous diets that were predominantly vegetable and corn or rice-based for thousands of years. The 21st century provides different circumstances in that globalism has meant cross-cultural exchanges in goods and services.

go vegan food
go vegan food

The Eating Culture in the United States

Americans have educated their palates to enjoy ethnic foods from around the world while the rest of the world has begun to adopt our penchant for beef, and large amounts of animal flesh into their collective diet. This cultural exchange has brought about the wholesale destruction of virgin forests to accommodate this expensive livestock.

It has brought with it massive pollution of our waterways, land, and air. It is diminishing Earth’s vast carbon dioxide absorbing systems through deforestation. It has delivered humans poor health and astronomical health insurance.

The factory farming of animals for human consumption is devastating for our water supplies. Their operations consume millions of gallons daily with toxic runoff from manure nitrates that have created a human water supply so contaminated that increasingly more chemicals are needed to make it drinkable.

Chicken and pig farms around the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, USA were responsible for the massive hysteria bacteria fishkills in recent years caused by toxic runoff from those farms.

Reduce Food and Resources Wastage

With this expanding human population, we cannot afford to waste valuable natural resources and farmland to grow crops to feed animals that feed us. It is an inefficient food chain, a wasteful diet paradigm.

Beef cattle alone consume 5 times as much grain as could be fed to human beings with more than 75% of all farmland dedicated to growing crops to feed the beasts that feed us. It is a cycle of waste, ugliness, brutality, gore, and disgust. To find out more about this serious problem, click on the links below.

We as individuals must take the necessary steps to change this destructive paradigm. Most of the good health you can expect to experience within your lifetime is under your own control.

Eating a vegan diet, rich in organic super nutrients not only improves and maintains health, but the positive effect of these personal choices reverberate through our world in so many good ways. The world economy is powered by a simple force: that of supply and demand. If you demand better things, the force will supply them.

Why People Become Vegans or Vegetarians

Nowadays, people are increasingly concerned about what they eat. With so many food-related sicknesses these days, you can never be too certain about what you put into your mouth. Gone are the days when you could just eat anything.

Now people prefer to become vegetarians for many different reasons – most likely as many reasons as there are vegetarians! But most vegetarians mention one or many of the following matters:

First is their health concern, a healthful vegetarian diet can decrease the risk and symptoms of many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Because of the increased fiber found in most vegetarian diets, other benefits include fewer gastrointestinal problems or uneasiness.

Considering that according to the statistics disease, cancer, and stroke are the top three causes of death all over the world, many people have good reasons for avoiding the consumption of meat.

Even vegetarians can eat too many sweets or carbohydrates which can set on unnecessary pounds. But, overall vegetarians maintain a healthier weight than people who eat meat. This is due to the fact that a plant-based diet contains vegetable proteins and is lower in calories and fat when compared to the standard diet.

On the other side of things, vegetarianism is, for the main part, a great way to eat and live healthier. People who are good vegetarians generally end up cutting a lot of fat out of their diets when they eat because meat has a lot of saturated fat. Instead, they end up replacing saturated fat with things that are lower in fat and essentially contain more of the “good fats”.

Becoming a vegetarian can also help in cleansing their body, instead of “doing a cleanse” to detoxify your body, changing to a healthful vegetarian diet will help clean your body of toxins.

Second, are the religious restrictions, Hinduism and Buddhism hold vegetarianism as the best way to uphold nonviolence and spiritual fulfillment. If Kosher or Halal meat isn’t available, observant Jews and Muslims maintain a healthy vegetarian diet. Other religious groups avoid meat like the Seventh Day Adventists.

Third, is the environmental degradation, many environmentalists accentuate that the large-scale meat and poultry production is environmentally unsustainable. They stress to issues with water quality, waste disposal, overuse of antibiotics, and other concerns.

Then of course the animal rights issues, ethical vegetarians are concerned about animal brutality. Many animals live in truly awful conditions and are treated dreadfully prior to and during the killing.

Lastly the food safety, many people die due to foodborne diseases each year. There have been many comprehensive recalls of meat contaminated with e-coli and many local incidents where restaurant customers were sickened by improperly cooked meat and eggs.

These are the health benefits of being a vegetarian.

You are being directed, on a daily basis, to want supplies that are currently in popular demand, by the companies that sell them. You can change the world! Just open your mind and do the right thing. Enjoy a life of health and happiness. Go Vegan!

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