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The Truth About the Flu Vaccine

There has been a lot of talk about the flu vaccine and the vaccine’s supposed dangers.  Many myths have been circulated about it.  This vaccine is very important in helping protect people from getting the flu, so it’s important to dispel any and all myths that have been damaging the flu vaccine’s reputation.

woman with a cold

Myth 1:  It Causes the Flu

A lot of people now believe that getting the flu shot can cause a person to get the flu.  They believe that the inactivated viruses will activate and give a person the flu.  This negates the purpose of even getting the vaccination.

The truth of the matter is that a flu shot cannot cause a person to get the flu.  The inactivated virus that is found in the vaccine is dead.  It can’t reactivate and infect a person.  Every batch of flu vaccine that is created is also tested to make sure it is completely inactivated.

Myth 2:  It is Dangerous

Another myth that has been circulated is the supposed danger of flu vaccines.  People believe that the flu shot will harm them.

The truth is that the flu vaccine is very safe.  The vaccine is rigorously tested to ensure it causes no problems.  It has been given to countless people and has not harmed them or caused them trouble.

Myth 3:  There is No Need for It

It has been stated that there is no real need for most people to get the flu vaccine.  It’s claimed that the flu virus is not a big deal and isn’t even dangerous for anyone except the elderly.  This is a myth.  The flu virus can be very dangerous.  Each year the flu virus kills young and old alike.

Myth 4:  Antibiotics are a Great Alternative

Another common myth involving the flu vaccine is that antibiotics can be taken to cure the flu.  The truth is that antibiotics only take care of bacteria.  The flu is a virus, so antibiotics cannot cure it.  The flu vaccine is necessary to prevent the virus.

Medications that will actually help people who have the flu are antiviral medications.  These will help stop complications the flu can cause such as pneumonia.  Antiviral medications are strong and only available by prescription.  These medications do not cure the flu which is why getting a flu vaccination is still very important.

Myth 5:  Stomach Flu is a Kind of Flu

Flu is a very commonly used word.  From swine flu to stomach flu, it has been attached to many viruses and diseases.  There is a myth circulating around that claims the stomach flu is a type of influenza.  This makes people believe the flu shot will help protect them from getting the stomach flu.

The truth is that the stomach flu is not a type of flu.  It is a gastrointestinal virus, and it has nothing to do with influenza.  One way to tell the difference is by determining whether there is fever and body aches.  Fever and body aches are clear signs of the flu.  In comparison, the stomach flu usually only causes vomiting and diarrhea.

The flu is a serious virus, and in order to be protected from it, each person should get the flu vaccine.  Many myths have been circulated about the vaccine, but they are false.  The truth is that the flu vaccine is a smart and safe choice.