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The New Vegan

I’ve been re-evaluating my choices in life lately and being Vegan is one thing that came up. Not in the sense that I desire NOT to be Vegan but more so on Why I am Vegan, wanting to network more with others who choose a plant-based diet and expanding my knowledge on the subject. This contemplation also led me to the silly questions and statements that people make about this choice which I wanted to cover below. This won’t be an extensive list because that would just take too long but maybe as time goes by I’ll add to the list. I’d like to hear from you though, tell me what silly things you’ve encountered from Vegan and Non-Vegan alike about this life and share the things if you would, that you find quite important especially for those who are just choosing to become Vegetarian/Vegan.

  • Oh God! (Wide Eyed) I could NEVER Eat Vegan. I just LOOOOOVE My Meat (Insert Odd Facial Expression here while saying Meat).

I always get so confused about this because it’s absurd to even let this come out of your mouth! You could never eat Vegan? Really… I mean what did you have with your chunk of fatty flesh last night? Was it with a side of even more animal flesh? No?? Oh really. What was it then? OH! You had it with a side of Garlic Roasted potatoes and a small salad and some asparagus? WOW! Guess what silly bitch, that was for the most part Veg-friendly! It is so funny because I get this a lot and I guess what people don’t realize is that when you eat a Salad and other fruits/veggies/grains that THAT is pretty much some amazing vegan/vegetarian food. Just because you don’t label it as such doesn’t negate the fact that it is what it is. EDUCATE!

  • I just HATE Tofu! (Why is it that when people talk about something they cannot change or fathom on a Vegan perception they always have this crazy-ass look on their face..)

And this means what to me? Okay, so you hate Tofu. You are going to allow your negative perception about ONE food to prevent you from making an amazing lifestyle change for yourself? Hmm. Because that is smart.  Have you even really given Tofu a fighting chance? I’ll be quite honest here. I hated Tofu too! I thought it was the most disgusting thing to walk this planet, besides the Mullet of course… But so many people always seemed to talk about how good it was, and how they liked the flavor. When I had it had NO flavor and it was just a horrid texture. But I took myself out of my ignorance and my comfort zone and kept trying. I had it prepared for me and it tasted amazing! I finally googled everything I could and found a way to make it and marinate it to taste awesome. So now. I Love me some Tofu! But even at the end of the day if you still don’t care for it, you don’t have to eat it! It’s your choice to put whatever you decide into your body but not having Tofu doesn’t mean you cannot choose to lead a Vegan/Vegetarian Life. Don’t be so silly on that at least. EDUCATE!

  • Vegans look sickly, are always look malnourished.

BAHAHA! Sorry honey but that is just some silly talk! Vegans come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing to live a Vegan Lifestyle doesn’t mean you are going to be Skinny/Fat/Malnourished etc.. Being uninformed about food choices and what you need to be consuming will lead to other negative associations but just because you choose to shed certain things from your diet doesn’t mean you are going to get all extreme looking. Some amazing people are doing amazing things with their bodies and are fueled by plants! Here have a look for yourself:


So pull your head out of your ass and get with the program. Being Vegan doesn’t mean you are going to be starving for food and look like you haven’t eaten in a decade. EDUCATE!

  • I don’t even know where to begin. How do I start? Where do I start?

EDUCATE Yourself! When I decided to become Vegan that is exactly what I did and I am still doing to this day. I think the first book introduced to me about a Veg-Friendly lifestyle was the book ‘Skinny Bitch’ bahaha! It made me laugh continuously even though it was quite serious. Now they have a book for men called The Skinny Bastard which I also recommend! I watched Food Inc, Earthlings, Hungry For Change, Vegucated.. and so many other documentaries on Food/Health and Veganism. I read as much as I could, started to purchase Vegan cookbooks, and had fun with testing out new recipes.  I quit meat and Dairy straight up… It worked for me. You may want to start slow and slowly transition into a full-on a plant-based lifestyle. Do what you feel is right for yourself, do what you know will be more conducive to your life right now. If anything starts with 2 days a week. Eat Vegan for 2 days or even 2 meals a week. Do what you can and once you build that confidence up and that knowledge base up, start to incorporate more. Be Smart about it. Remind yourself why you are choosing this, and make note of all the amazing changes that take place because of this.

new vegan
new vegan

If you say you cant presently see yourself living without cheese or something of that sort then don’t give it up. Educate yourself on that product and what it truly means to be consuming it and slowly work it out. Don’t consume as much as often. Don’t look at being Vegan as a limiting lifestyle or as giving up something. You CAN eat whatever you so desire, you choose NOT to eat certain things because you choose to support something that honors the life and respects mother earth among so many other things. Never look at it as a Denial of existence but a more expansive view of the world.

Anyways, that is what I wanted to share for the moment. Must be off to get my exercise in for the day! I hope you enjoyed this simple post and tell me in the comments section what works for you or worked for you when transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle. Tell me the silly things people have said or do say and how you choose or choose not to respond. I wanna hear from you!

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  1. Let’s go veggie toethger! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I must be almost 90% veggie so I might as well go the whole way. Haha.I’m going to try and think of some mind apples and write them down and put them somewhere I can see them everyday.xxxxxxxx

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