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Taking Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy

For some women, pregnancy brings along that soft and beautiful glow to the skin. However, for many women, pregnancy leads to a sudden flair up of acne that they thought they had left back in their teenage years or uneven patches of red or blotchy skin. Because a woman’s body is changing so much and because their body chemistry changes drastically during pregnancy, it can wreck havoc on their skin. Are you one of these women? Even if you do not have problems, you will need to practice proper skincare during your pregnancy.

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You already know that you have to be careful of what you consume when you are pregnant. Certain types of fish can be dangerous for you and the baby. Certain medications must be avoided. Caffeine must be limited. You know that what you eat, drink, and consume, can harm the baby. Did you know that things you put on your skin can get into your bloodstream? Because of this, you must be careful of what skincare products you choose to use so that you do not cause harm to that little one growing inside of you.

Here are some tips on proper skin care during your pregnancy. You do not have to avoid all products and just deal with uneven, red, or shiny skin. Instead, you just need to know what products to choose and which to avoid.

Anti Aging Products

Many women start using products to fight against the signs of aging even before they are showing signs of aging. Not all anti aging products are a concern, but many of them include ingredients called retinoids. Retinoids are chemicals that have been proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, even out the skin, and give a younger appearance. However, retinoids, according to some study, can harm the unborn baby.

Doctors know that oral retinoids (these are designed to fight acne from the inside) can cause birth defects. No conclusive study has shown that topical retinoids are dangerous, but given the chance of birth defect, they are definitely worth avoiding just for a little while.

Acne Products

When it comes to treating acne while pregnant, there is a way to do so safely. Of course, it is important to discuss any topical medication with your physician. However, the general rule is that a mild face wash with the minimum amount of salicylic acid will be safe as long as you use the wash and completely rinse your face. Creams and gels that will leave the salicylic acid on the skin and allow it to penetrate the pores can be dangerous and should be avoided.


Of course, you may want to enjoy the outdoors at some point during your pregnancy. That means you will need to use sun block. As a general rule, sunscreen is completely safe for pregnant women. However, if you are concerned about the idea of using anything that could penetrate the skin, then make this simple choice. Choose sunscreen that makes use of zinc oxide as its active ingredient. This ingredient sits on top of the skin and does not penetrate it at all.

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Maternity Wear Care for the Skin

Finally, you will need to ensure that you are using the right products to wash your maternity clothes. Laundry detergents are not dangerous and you can use any that you would like. However, if you are like most expectant mothers, you can become rather uncomfortable through the month. When you choose laundry detergent, choose a mild form for sensitive skin. This will allow your maternity clothes to feel more comfortable and will help to avoid any skin irritation.

Taking care of your skin while you are pregnant can be achieved successfully. All that you need to do is know what products to choose and which ones to avoid.