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Some Good Ideas For A Raw Vegan Potluck

If you happen to get invited by your friend to go for a raw vegan potluck during the weekend, but you do not have any idea on what you should prepare or what is the food that most suitable for you to bring to the potluck, then you may want to keep on reading the rest of this article.

Actually you do not worry so much. As long as you keep in your mind that what you want to bring over is something that is completely vegan, then you are safe and this can be the one and only precaution that you need to take.

However, you should know that when we mention vegan, it means that the food shouldn’t contain any seafood, fish, meat, poultry, animal products, eggs, dairy, or honey.

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Vegan Foods For Potluck

Here are some vegan food ideas for you in case you still don’t know what to prepare. If you are having a rush hour, then you may just buy some muffins, cookies, or store-bought bread. You need to thoroughly read through the ingredients to ensure that they are vegans.

A fruit plate can be also good to serve as a vegan dessert. You should be able to get a pre-made fruit platter from the grocery shop there is nearby the place that you live.

a veggie platter. (Many come with non-vegan ranch, so find one without or toss the ranch and replace it with a vegan salad dressing.)

For drinks, there are actually many different types of drinks that you can bring over such as seltzer, fruit juice, mineral water, coffee, tea, and vegan wine. But you need to ask from the host first to get permission whether it is alright for you to bring the vegan wine.

Some people may find that consuming all vegetables and foods in raw can be quite hard for them to digest and some may even feel rather disgusting. To overcome this, you may try to prepare some grilled tomatoes that can be covered with Basil and then drizzled with olive oil.

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Vegan Potluck With Faux Meat

And even some people may advise you not to buy any faux meat for a potluck, but you will find that actually there are people who attended the gathering would be the first time trying to convert to veggie habit. So if you are having faux meats for them, this is going to make a big favor and assist to make them feel more comfortable for vegan foods.

Besides, it can be also a good idea for preparing baked potatoes or large field mushrooms stuffed with peppers and baked. Or perhaps you can try to make some tofu salad with Mayonnaise or Miso Mayo and go get some greens and raw food rolls to come out with some sandwiches.

So, the choice is yours. It is actually a lot of vegan foods that you can make and bring over to the potluck when the time is arriving. You are going to enjoy healthy foods with your friends and have a wonderful time together.

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