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Some Awesome Vegan Dessert Recipes You Have to Try!

One of the things that many people miss the most once they make the switch to becoming a vegan is dessert. Most cakes, ice creams, and other favorite treats are made with dairy like milk and eggs. It’s hard to find a dessert that doesn’t contain some kind of dairy – unless you’re the type who’s satisfied with just fruit.

vegan dessert
vegan dessert

Fortunately, there are a number of great recipes for making just about any dessert both vegan and delicious. Here are 5 awesome vegan dessert recipes you have to try:

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is a favorite dessert for many people. This recipe will help you make the same decadent cake you love without dairy. The recipe doesn’t make use of any dairy substitutes either and instead just tweaks the classic recipe, including the addition of vinegar.

Create a delicious cake or serve it up as single-size cupcakes instead. You can frost it with your favorite vegan frosting, but it will taste just as good un-frosted. See full recipe.

Vegan Cheesecake

Cheesecake may seem like the last thing you’d be able to eat as a vegan, but there are actually many ways to adapt the recipe to be dairy-free. This one uses commercially available vegan cream cheese.

Others rely on the use of silken tofu. Top this cheesecake with strawberries or another favorite dressing, like caramel and walnuts. It will be just as decadent as traditional cheesecake. See full recipe.

Brownie Pumpkin Pie with a Crunchy Pecan Topping

Pumpkin pie and brownies and pecan topping? Yum! A little almond milk is the only vegan substitute you need to make this sinfully delicious dessert. You can make it for a holiday treat, but why wait?

Enjoy this decadent treat all year round. It’s chock full of nutrients from the pumpkin and the pecans, so you can feel guilt-free about it, too. See full recipe.

Strawberry Shortcake

This classic summer treat gets vegan treatment from Dairy-Free Cooking. A little soy margarine helps make this dish vegan, and it only takes about 10 minutes of prep time and 25 minutes of cooking time before you’re well on your way to savoring this flaky and delicious dessert. Serve it with some dairy-free vanilla ice cream for a perfect complement. See full recipe.

Double Chocolate Brownies

These decadent brownies use applesauce, banana, and vegan chocolate chips to substitute the dairy ingredients found in traditional brownies. The result is a rich fudge brownie that you’ll never know isn’t the “real thing.”

Even your non-vegan friends and family won’t know the difference! All they’ll taste is the delicious chocolatey goodness. See full recipe.

Becoming a vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up on all your favorite desserts. You can still enjoy them so long as you make the right modifications. These recipes will help you enjoy some classic desserts without any of the dairy products you don’t want in your foods.

A Great Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes 1
It has been typically best known in making an excellent vegetarian lasagna can be a difficult task and also is time-consuming to prepare. However, this isn’t always the case. The vegetarian lasagna recipe just breaks all the older concepts relating to lasagna.

Why You Love Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

You are going to simply fall in love with the classic vegetarian lasagna recipe as it is not just very yummy yet it is also very nourishing with the mixture of the ingredients in which you are using. This can be a wonderful dish for everyone and even for your choosy kids who might not exactly obtain enough nutrients in their bodies.

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes 2

There are actually some variations for an original vegetarian lasagna recipe. This can be very convenient to get prepare considering that some recipes could be frozen and then heated afterward without doing damage to the taste.

The important thing to keep in mind though is for whom you are cooking. Be certain of what type of vegetarians you are preparing the food for so that you can manage to cut the dairy products in case it is required.

How to Save Time When Prepare Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

Actually, it is not necessary for you to spend a very long time preparing a tasty vegetarian lasagna recipe. One of the helpful tips for you would be you can try to make the vegetarian lasagna together with the boiling noodles by using the oven and preparing noodles in their place.

You could invariably get the bundles of pre-cut as well as diced vegetables in the storage bin so all you have to do each time you arrange the vegetarian lasagna recipe will be to add the pre-diced vegetables plus the sauce on the oven with the prepared noodles.

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes 3
As we all know that there is most probably a huge selection of different vegetarian lasagna recipes available. The key here is still to come up with a mixture of vegetable ingredients that suits your flavor.

Methods associated with the variation might consist of dicing and also chopping vegetables to very fine pieces in order to produce a full lasagna recipe.

You only need to test it considering the variety of ingredients that you got. You could possibly at the same time add the sauce and cheese in case you wish to get a creamy lasagna recipe.

Or perhaps you may also add another non-typical lasagna recipe such as somewhat bitter spinach for a different taste.

Sauce and Spices

Just about all the idea is to get the little imagination along with the generous aiding of the spices and sauce. You are able to add more smashed tomatoes in it by putting the tomato sauce to obtain a much better taste and texture. In addition, you could also include the white vegetable cream sauce in the tomato sauce to change the taste.

What are some of your other favorite vegan dessert recipes? Share them in the comments!

Honeydew-Pomegranate Jigglers

honeydew pomegranate jigglers

Ever get a yen for something simple and fruity to cleanse your palette? How about sparkling ruby pomegranate seeds suspended in a celadon sea of honeydew melon?

These colorful jigglers give you all the nutrients and fiber of fruit – and a little sugar rush, to boot. And I suspect that kids will love them, especially when you make them in molds. [Great lunch box fodder.]

honeydew pomegranate

You can make jigglers with agar-agar and just about any fruit or juice you have on hand.

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