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Smoothies: Surprisingly Tasty Alternatives for Vegetables

If the idea of eating your greens is unappealing to your palate, you may be interested in knowing there is a deliciously sweet alternative to steamed vegetables. Raw leafy green vegetables can be incorporated into healthy smoothies that aid the body in effectively absorbing the beneficial nutrients within them.

Because of their tough, structured cell walls, green vegetables must be chewed longer than any other food type to release the nutrients they contain. Unless you chew veggies into a creamy consistency, the cell walls cannot be digested, and various vitamins and minerals are not properly released into your body.

green smoothies
green smoothies

The majority of people who enjoy vegetables do not chew their greens to this extent, either. With a green smoothie, your blender does all the work, so vegetable cell walls are properly broken down. These drinks are packed with vitamins and minerals that many adults do not get enough of in their daily diets.

Your body can digest every part of the vegetable, improving bowel function and overall health. Raw green smoothies can even be incorporated into a weight-loss diet for meal replacements at a greatly reduced cost to canned supplements.

Going Green

You may be wondering which leafy green vegetables make the best smoothies. Truly, every green can be paired with delicious fruits and other vegetables to make delicious smoothies. Each vegetable has a unique nutritional profile, so it is recommended that you drink a variety of smoothies.

The most common greens used for making smoothies are radish greens, lettuce, collard greens, beet tops, spinach, kale, cabbage, mustard greens, and arugula. Do not feel limited by this list, however. Any leafy green herb or vegetable can be used for a green smoothie, including dandelion leaves, celery tops, purslane, and aloe.

Mix it Up

While it is impossible to make a green smoothie without the flavor of the vegetable imparting itself to the drink, they can be masked with fruits, berries, yogurt, seeds, and other ingredients. Ice cubes can be added to smoothies to make them extra cold, or the same effect is made with frozen grapes, bananas, or berries.

Frozen fruits also save money on fresh varieties, particularly when they are out of season. Natural sweeteners such as agave nectar enhance smoothie flavors without the addition of processed sugar. Some smoothie enthusiasts have even formulated green smoothie recipes including rich chocolate for unique flavors.

Adding green smoothies to your diet will give you a nutritious vitamin boost. Start incorporating smoothies every few days using greens that you can tolerate eating. Use your favorite fruits and yogurts to mask the strong aroma of the greens and take a brave sip.

You may be surprised to find that green smoothies are delicious. Your body may even begin to crave them as it becomes accustomed to the extra vitamins. Experiment with new greens occasionally, and do not hesitate to give green smoothies to your children.

Kids enjoy green smoothies, and they are an excellent way to incorporate other vegetables into picky eaters’ diets. Broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, and celery all blend deliciously with green smoothies.

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