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Should Vegan Using Pearls As Jewelry?

For those vegetarians who are in love with pearls and is happen to be their favorite jewelry, it would be a very interesting question of whether they should wear pearls? They might need to think about how they go about it. As the matter of fact, pearls can be harvested without killing the oyster.

Once the pearl is extracted, they can immediately implant another seed. So they claimed it has nothing to do with the oyster since a pearl is not a part of the oyster but rather it is just an actual stone and a little dirt that can get in the oyster in any way.

It is going to keep there for quite a long time and it began cultivating. So it is not the oyster’s natural part of the oyster would be just an agent for preservation and cultivation. But, this is rather contradictory as some may say this kind of action caused the oysters being suffered from torture.

pearls jewelry
pearls jewelry

Even oysters aren’t necessarily killed for the pearl (but I just cannot think of mass pearl producers are going to care about killing the oysters), I would think that it is still be considered an animal byproduct that vegans are not going to use. Pearl is no different from honey, wool, or any other things which do not directly cause the death of the animal providing it. From vegan opinions, pearls, and shells shouldn’t be used in a vegan lifestyle.

Reasons For Becoming Vegan

Most people will have their reasons to convert to vegan. Some may be because of health or environmental concerns, some are through religious beliefs, some are due to the love of animals, and many other reasons. You need to ask yourself about the reasons for having yourself turn into vegan and you should come out with a way for you to wear pearls.

Veganism shouldn’t be just a diet, it is more of a lifestyle option that comes with different levels. You will find that there are pearls extracted from oysters that got an irritant in the oysters and formed a pearl around with no intervention from humans and they can cost you a fortune.

By the way, if you want to wear pearls, you can wear an artificial one. There are some superb simulated pearls that you can get. The best one that you can get would be the Majorca pearls which are made in Spain.

Vegans are against pearls. If you ever have the experience to the extent where you buy an oyster and then get to keep the pearl? The farmers will pry the shell open and slice the oyster apart. And more often than not they will find nothing in the shell. And there are some farms that tend to be more concerned with their oyster. They will repeatedly be inflicting pain on the oyster for just a few small pearls.

Some people, they would think there is a heck of a lot different in killing and eating something than using a product they made or their fur, hair, etc. Those who wear leather shoes claimed that they know the cow has already been killed for its meat and they just do not feel sorry about it.

Please keep in mind that, vegans don’t make use of any animal products, even if the animal was not tortured or killed. Vegans don’t wear them or eat them. This includes small insects and oysters as well.

Vegans do not wear leather, it doesn’t matter whether they are belts or shoes. Vegans do not use honey. Vegans do not use any dairy products. Therefore, if you are a serious vegan, you should say no to pearls, because they are from living creatures. You should say no to coral because when they are taken out, it causes the ecosystems to get destroyed. Also, you should say no to diamonds, because you will not wish to get yourself wearing blood diamonds.

How Is A Vegan Pearl Made?

Vegan pearls are imitation pearl that is traditionally made of glass and covered in a plant-based material. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to suit the individual’s preference.

The process of making vegan pearls starts with choosing quality glass beads that can be cut into round or oval shapes. Then they are dipped in a special coating solution containing ingredients such as vegetable oil and natural dyes to create a glossy finish. This layer helps protect the surface of the bead from scratches and also adds color. After this step is complete, the beads are dried completely before being ready for use.

The process continues by stringing the coated vegan pearls onto thread or twine using crimp tubes at either end to hold them together securely. Depending on what style of necklace or bracelet you’re creating, different lengths may need to be used so it fits properly when worn.

Additional decorations such as charms can then be added if desired before tying off the ends of the jewelry cord or ribbon with a knot or clasp closure for extra security when wearing it around your neck or wrist.

Once all these steps have been completed, the vegan pearl jewelry item is finished! With proper care and maintenance, it can last for years while still looking beautiful and stylish just like traditional pearls do.

Are Crystal Pearls Vegan?

Crystal pearls are a type of jewelry made from glass beads. They have the same shine and look as real pearls but without the cost or environmental impact associated with pearl harvesting.

The production process for crystal pearls is different than for natural ones. Instead of being harvested from oysters in the ocean, crystal pearls are created using molds and colored liquid glass. This means they contain no animal products at all, so they’re perfect for vegans who want to accessorize their outfits without compromising their values.

These jewelry pieces come in various colors and sizes, making them an easy way to add some sparkle to any outfit. As there’s no need for special care when cleaning these items, anyone can enjoy wearing them knowing they’re cruelty-free!

So if you’re looking for stylish jewelry that will last while keeping your ethics intact, then crystal pearls may be just what you need.

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