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Remedies & Treatments To Remove Pearly Penile Papules

What is Pearly Penile Papules?

Pearly Penile Papules on shaft, most commonly known as PPP are nothing but a harmless anatomical change that takes place within your body. Rarely there are occasions where pain is felt and it can be treated with home remedy. At present there is no proper approved medical treatment used by doctors. Therefore people affected by ppp are forced to take the natural treatment route with high success rate.

More information

The papules mainly consists of protein and medically are harmless. However, we cannot say that to our girl friend. When I had ppp, my girl friend was crazy and confirmed I had herpes. Instead of trying to make her understand patienly I decided to treat it my self. I tried Toothpaste Treatment but it hardly worked (I wonder why the internet is filled with crappy remedies). Later I tried to dry it up and scrub it off which was the gravest mistake I had ever done. I ended up in pain and agony.

man harassment
man harassment

Are PPP harmless?

If you had visited a doctor in your local area then this is the reply that you would have received, “Hey! this is completely harmless. It is just another anatomical change that takes place within your body”. Well, that was the actual reply I got. It wasn’t herpes or anything related to STD but it was hard to convince my girl frined.

Downside of PPP

Just because something is harmless it doesn’t meant that you should ignore. You know what happend after I started to ignore my ppp? My girl friend stoppped having sex with me. Whenever she saw my weaner her sexual desires were literally curbed. (I found this secret as she confessed to it later). And I can bet that most people face the same problem. Therefore, harmless or not we need to get it treated before it is too late.

How Do You Treat It?

First don’t be a an idiot and use those toothpaste treatment that is adviced on the internet. People on the internet are just looking for ways to make money and therefore they will write anything rubbish that comes into their mind. I was an idiot to try toothpaste treatment in the beginning only to regret it later. The toothpaste had further exaggerated the papules and I was totally in pain.

Later I came across someone called Marcus. He was a fellow victim of PPP and after struggling for 14 months had a treatment of his own. Though skeptic I finally gave in. In the end I was happpy that I tried his treatment. It was purely natural and the papules were vanished completely in like 10 days. You may continue reading as I will talk more about the remedy later.

How Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Pearly Penile Papules?

There are several natural treatments including Toothpaste Treatment. some are highly effective and work wonders while some turn futilet. However, to tell the truth the only technique that I found to be useful was Marcus’ Treatment. We will talk about it later. Now, let’s us talk about Toothpaste Treatment.

What is Toothpaste Treatment?

It is a remedy for curing ppp essentially is the application of toothpaste on the pearly penile papules and leaving it overnight. This is treatment is believed to help in getting rid of the ppp.

Does this Toothpaste Treatment Really Cure?

The shortest answer is NO! Like many other myths in natural remedies this is one. Let me tell you what happens when you apply toothpaste over the penile papules. Basically all toothpaste today are made up of fluoride and calcium. These two are known as irritants on opne skin i.e. if you apply toothpaste over a cut skin it will induce a burning sensatin which is not good. When toothpaste is applied over papules they eventaully break and the toothpastes is expose to bare skin underneath the papules. This will further make the situation worse.

Laser Treatment

What is Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment is nothing but the usage of Lasers in getting rid of pearly penile papules. It takes the help of expert or specialist for this kind of treatment.

How Effective is Laser Treatment in PPP removal?

For a short term cure it is the best. The reason is obvioius because it does not peep into the cause of pearly penile papules and instead removes only the upper papules. Therefore at a later stage of say six to one year it is possible for the papules to spring back forcing you to undergo the same laser treatment. So for a short term cure, it is good. However, on the long term basis it is not.

Pros of laser treatment

The only pros of Laser treatment is that it can get rid of the papules instantly.

Cons of Laser Treatment

First it is not a long time cure. Secondly the cost goes anyhwere from $500 to $100 bucks. The cost could go even higher depending upon the clinic you are getting treated. Thirdly, like all laser treatment there is a possibility of side effects. Although science says that the possibility is low. But if unfortunatelly if you fall into the fewer category you can say Bye! Bye! to your weaner.

Alternative Treatment

Probably the only known natural treatment that works is using Marcus’ home made therapy. You can use this technique to get rid of papules from the very presence of your home.


How Effective is Marcus’ Treatment?

Just like you I was skeptic at first. But since I was desperate I was literally forced to try Marcus’ Naturaly treatment. The other reason for using Marcus’ treatment is that I wasn’t in a position to afford for Laser Treatment. Therefore if you are just like me and do not wish to spend $1000’s in Laser therapy and spend days in hospital his natural treatment just works fine.

I had used Marcus’ Therapy and therefore I am voouching for it. I am so damn sure that his therapy will work and you can slap me if it doesn’t

Who is Marcus?

Marcus is a fellow victim of penile papules. For 14 months he struggled to find a cure to his embarassment. He went to a doctor who after checking up said that is completely harmless. The only medically approved treatment was using Laser. When he inquired about the cost of laser treatment he was shocked as it skyrocketed to more than $1000. The worst part was the laser treatment could leave some side-effects. Therefore he decided to find a natural cure. He tried the Toothpaste Treatment which never worked and all those scrubbing nonsense. Finally after many painful days he found a Natural Treatmtne that made the pearly penile papules to vanish instantly. After that he never had problems with those papules and now enjoys a healthy sex life.

pearly penile papules removal
pearly penile papules removal

Benefits of Marcus’ Therapy

Here are few benefits of his therapy:

  • Complete cure within 10 days Maximum.
  • Painless Process.
  • 100% Natural therfore no side-effects.
  • Dead Cheap when compared to other treatments.
  • Marcus is so damn sure about his treatment that he is selling with money back guarantee i.e. if you do not get rid of pearly penile papules your money is refunded immediately with no questions asked.

How Much Does Marcus’ Charge?

He usually charges anywhere between $37 to $67. However if you are buying the guide through the below link then you can purchase it at a dead cheap price of $27. And most surprisingly you still have the money back guarantee!

Where can I learn about Marcus’ Therapy

He teaches on his official site and you can Click Here to Visit Marcus’ Site.