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Quick Cure For Shin Splints

A quick cure for shin splints can get rid the pain caused by tibial stress syndrome. The lower leg affected by the pain known as shin splints is coming from the main components which are the tibia located on the inside of the lower leg and fibula located on the outside of the lower leg.

Muscles in the leg when overworked cause the pain known as shin splints. In time the thin layer of tissue that covers the bone becomes inflamed and also causes small fractures causing pain. Shin splints are a direct result of fatigue and trauma to the muscle’s tendons. Sounds complicated but it is pretty normal. If you happen to suffer from this pain you will appreciate this quick cure for shin splints.

Our daily lives are chock full of responsibilities, errands, soccer, ballet classes and so on. There is no time to waste as you are in need of a quick cure for shin splints. Although it may not seem like it is at the moment, pain is not your enemy. Pain is a message from your body telling you something is wrong. This pain and discomfort if left untreated can become a long term problem. But it doesn’t have to be when there is a quick cure for shin splints.

Do you feel a throbbing aching in your shins?

Does it become increasingly painful with every step?

This quick cure for shin splints will put that pain to rest and you will be soon being on your way to better health.


Many things we do in our daily lives can cause us painful shins. Some common causes are stress and pressure on the lower part of the leg. For example… the athlete who runs every day on uneven surfaces or your local hardworking sanitation worker jumping in and out of the sanitation truck, dancers are known to experience shin splints quite often too.

Some of us do routine laborious movements in our daily lives putting an excessive amount of impact on our shins. Walking longer than usual can also cause shin splints. Footwear has been known to cause this problem. Shoe soles can be stiff and not flex enough causing the leg to constantly fight the stiff shoe sole as you try to flex your foot when walking or running.

Taking action to prevent shin splints can be as easy as making better choices in footwear and avoid activities that will increase your chances of getting shin splints in the first place. But what do you do if you are experiencing this pain right now? What if this is interrupting your career which just to happen to be dancing, or gymnastics? What if you are the local garbage man and your family is depending on you?

You could be someone whose hobby is dance classes or does running to kind of clear your head and this pain is getting in the way. My point is… any one of us can have our live rudely interrupted by this pain. This is your life, if you can no longer make your living or dance the rumba pain free you need to pay attention.

Painful shins often heal on their very own, but severe shin splints can interrupt your life. Did you know there is a quick cure for shin splints you can do it at home? First rest your muscle. As long as you can, get your companion or a friend to help. Stretching the muscle is important this is the key to your success when putting to practice this quick cure for shin splints. Stretching the muscle will help prevent wear and tear… (Don’t forget to drink plenty of water we tend to forget dehydration causes muscles to get sore and become weak.)

stop shin splints

Simple Technique in Stretching Muscle

If you cannot find someone to help you do not worry, here is one simple technique for stretching that muscle. Stand facing a wall, place your feet about 2 feet from the wall, put your hands on the wall and lean forward leaving your feet flat on the floor ( if you are not standing on carpet it’s best to wear sneakers when doing this keeps you from slipping). Another way to do this is by sitting on your heels and bringing one knee up as high as you can then returning the leg back down, repeat with opposite leg.

After you have stretched your muscle you want to reduce the inflammation taking an over the counter anti-flammatory pain killer will help, but along with that you want to ice the leg for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Cold temperature will reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain very quickly. Wait about an hour and repeat this three to four times. The next thing you will want to do is compress it by putting a compression sleeve on the leg. This will support it and keep it warm.

By now you have already completed three of the steps in this quick cure for shin splints. Now you rest and keep that leg elevated as much as you can. That’s it! It’s simple this quick cure for shin splints is going to get you back to normal and doing the things you love pain free. You should keep practicing this every so often along with taking preventative measures necessary to keep this pain from coming back.

Okay so let’s revise… shall we?

First rest your muscle don’t continue to injure this muscle. Second ice the leg; this will bring down the swelling. Third compress this will give your leg the support it needs and finally elevate your leg. Blood circulation hence speeding up the healing process of muscles and tendons. An easy way to remember this is; RICE rest, ice, compress, elevate. Quick and simple just like this cure.