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Penile Pearly Papules Treatment Cream and Oil

Ever noticed very small bumps along the outer edges of your penis? Think you might have a STD? Too embarrassed to talk about it with your doctor, girlfriend, or wife? You are not alone. In fact, around 60% of all adult males have this same issue.

But what are they? Do I really have a STD? How can I get rid of them?

Let’s tackle all of these tough questions.

What are they?

These little bumps are called Pearly Penile Papules otherwise known as Hirsuties papillaris genitalis or just simply PPP. These are small, white colored skin tags that only form on the penis gland. The cause of these skin tags is unknown at the moment, but most say it’s just swollen or blocked sweat glands.

Here is a clear picture:

ppp home remedies
ppp home remedies

Pearly Penile Papule Facts:

– These are not related to poor hygiene or sexual activity.
– They only occur in men.
– These bumps cannot be spread by sexual activity.
– Pearly Penile Papules are quite common with some reports saying 48-60% of adult males have them.
– Sensitivity may, or may not be a problem.
– Better yet, these are not caused by a STD.

How can I get rid of them?

Well many men have tried painfully picking the bumps off with tweezers (ouch!). This will cause even more irritation and potentially an infection so this is definitely not recommended. Plus, they will come back eventually. There are other remedies such as home freezing kits. Again, this is not a great option and the papules will eventually reappear anyway even after you suffer through freezing your manhood.

The current medical option is surgery. Laser surgery to be more exact, but good luck trying to get your insurance to pay for this since it’s almost always considered a cosmetic operation and not a health issue related surgery. Also, try explaining the procedure to the insurance agent on the phone. It’s even more embarrassment and hassle then you need. The removal cost of this operation is very high and again most likely 100% of the cost will come out of your wallet.

In fact, most physicians will just tell you to live with them since they are harmless. Harmless to them maybe, but the self esteem and embarrassment can be too great to live with. Can you image telling your next girl friend.

Pearly Penile Papules vs Genital Warts

Don’t worry honey, even though they look like genital warts they are harmless, I promise.

Home Remedy Option with Cream and Oil

There are treatments with cream and oil now that are very cost effective and actually works! This will provide you all the remedies you need to safely, cheaply, and most important effectively remove your pearly penile papules once and for all.

Anaesthetic Cream
You need to seek for a doctor first and diagnose on your penis situation to get the right pearly penile papules treatment that you can carry out at home. After diagnostic, you may receive the anaesthetic cream that you can bring back home and apply at your PPP area. You will need the hyfrecater to remove those pearly papules. It can be done without risk and is actually very easy.

You need not to worry as you won’t feel any pain or discomfort when you carry out the task. After the treatment is done, you can right away back to your normal life. Nonetheless, most doctors would highly suggest that you need to prevent of having sex or masturbating for at least 10 days as the skin of your penis need time for recovery.

Tea Tree Oil
Applying tea tree oil for pearly penis papules removal is another natural yet effective home remedy. You need to bear in mind that this treatment may takes few weeks to cure the PPP. The application process is rather easy but it needs to be carried out at least 3 times a day. By getting a bottle of tea tree oil, you can spread it with the use of a piece of cotton on the affected area. Many men have used it and get recover from PPP. None of them claimed there is any side effect happen to them.

tea tree oil

Castor Oil
Using castor oil is also one of the natural home remedy to treat bumps on penis. The procedure is similar to tea tree oil where you just need to prepare the castor oil, swabs or a piece of cotton and apply the oil on the affected area. You need to do this for at least 5 times a day until the PPP are removed. You need to leave your penis naked without having any cover to let the castor oil fully seeps into your penis skin. This is to ensure that all affected area including unseen area are being taking care of for fast recover.

castor oil

Remedies & Treatments To Remove Pearly Penile Papules