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6 Benefits Of Drinking Monavie Juice

Monavie Juice

For centuries, the indigenous tribes inhabiting the Amazon jungle have benefited from a potent drink, prepared by mixing the juice of acai berries with other nutrient dense local fruits which are freely available in the Amazon jungle. After many years of intense research, a proprietary health drink was launched to enable people through out the … Read more

Vegan Weight Loss Tips for You

vegan weight loss

Vegan weight loss is one of the many methods out there today to lose weight. Let me start off by saying this. It works, but only if you stick to the plan! Nearly every weight loss program today will work, but people have to put their minds into the methods, and they need to follow … Read more

How Often Should You Change Your Tampon?

How Often Should You Change Your Tampon?

Menstruation comes with a lot of emotional components. If a girl gets her period for the first time, it can be surprising, exciting and sometimes disconcerting for her. There will also be certain hygienic things which she need to take care of. Some of them are menstrual pads and tampons. Some women find pads more … Read more

Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to be Burdensome

lose weight stomach

So sick of doing crunches and avoiding your favorite high-fat, high-calorie goodies, yet it feels like you’re not losing any ounce of fat at all? Or do you feel like it takes a flying pig before you could lose some weight? Yes, losing weight is never an easy task, it sure does take some work. … Read more

Postpartum Depression For Women During Pregnancy

mum and baby fingers

What You Need To Know About Post Partum Depression The causes and risks of postpartum depression are generally a result of hormone imbalance. It can be a serious disorder, and there can be major risks when the signs and symptoms are ignored. Often women will mask the symptoms and hide their feelings which can result … Read more

Does Coffee Really Create Anxiety?


Those that suffer from anxiety often seek out easy ways to relieve their anxiety symptoms. After all, while anxiety itself is a mental health problem and may have some genetic causes, there are lifestyle factors that contribute to anxiety symptoms and if you can change your lifestyle, you can potentially relieve some or all of … Read more

How Do I Help Someone With Depression

embrace sadness

In this article we will have a look at how to help someone with depression by exploring what you can do to help a person you love with depression – help themselves. Look at it this way – this article shows you how you can get a person with depression to help themselves. But before … Read more

Why I love Quaker Oat Squares

quaker oat

I have to admit that I am not an avid fan of cereals, but I encouraged myself to eat oatmeal as a way to lower down the cholesterol levels in my body. There are many oatmeal recipes that I have tried as well as various oatmeal cereals but not one of them worked since I … Read more

Differences between Sleep Dentistry & Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

A trip to the dentist can cause a panicked mindset in a huge population of people. Fear of pain, the sound of the drill, and being uncomfortable can prohibit many from even making an appointment. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious health issues. Your dentist will not only keep your teeth and gums in tip … Read more