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Herbal Remedies Using Herbal Essential Oils

essential oil

Throughout this year our friends in Europe will be remembering the tragedies and horrors of the Great War (1914- 1918). Because of this, when I began writing this article I was reminded of a famous French Professor (Rene-Maurice Gattefosse) who experimented with herbal remedies. He made essential oils from herbs and used the herbal essences … Read more

Vegetarian Dieting For A Longer Life

Vegetarian Dieting

Presently, there are a lot of people who are converting themselves into vegetarians. Most of these people are doing so is because they wish to go for a vegetarian diet plan as they understand that the diet plan is excellent for their health.

10 Delicious Things Vegans Love


Although I’m not a vegan, I have plenty of vegan friends. I completely respect their decision to live a kind life. Unfortunately, the vegan lifestyle is often misunderstood. Vegans only use 100% plant-based food and products. Even things like clothing and cosmetics are a consideration for vegans. Although the vegan diet is restricted to what … Read more

6 Benefits Of Drinking Monavie Juice

Monavie Juice

For centuries, the indigenous tribes inhabiting the Amazon jungle have benefited from a potent drink, prepared by mixing the juice of acai berries with other nutrient dense local fruits which are freely available in the Amazon jungle. After many years of intense research, a proprietary health drink was launched to enable people through out the … Read more

Vegan Weight Loss Tips for You

vegan weight loss

Vegan weight loss is one of the many methods out there today to lose weight. Let me start off by saying this. It works, but only if you stick to the plan! Nearly every weight loss program today will work, but people have to put their minds into the methods, and they need to follow … Read more