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Low Carb Diet with Low Carb Vegetables

low carb food

Leafy Vegetables: Generally, virtually any fruit and vegetable should be recommended and could provide rich nutrition for a healthy body. Nevertheless, a lot of latest diet programs on the market nowadays encourage the concept that simply no carbohydrates should be taken and when they talk about carbohydrates, it not only includes refined products but also … Read more

A Great Fruits and Vegetables List

vegetable list

It is rather hard for someone to remember all the vegetable names and also familiarize themselves with fruits and vegetables in season. Therefore, I just try to compile a vegetable list and make them into different categories to ease your understanding when come to know on most of the fruits and vegetables. We will start … Read more

Vegan Drinks That Served By Starbucks


Many people are relish with Starbucks and it is rather hard for them to give up their favorite drinks when they are thinking of becoming vegan. Most of them will worry that they have to give up their favorite drinks and they will just not wish this to happen. Some of my friends normally would … Read more

Some Useful Vegetarian Forums

veggieboard forum

If you are thinking of going vegan or vegetarian but have little or no idea on how can you pursue such healthy living. You may want to join in the vegetarian forum discussion with the all-time vegetarians or vegans to gain more resources and information. And you may get more information by discussing with the … Read more

Knowing The Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian


Do you know what is the difference between vegan and vegetarian? Nowadays, you can find virtually many different types of vegetarians. Some may consume fish, some won’t; some may abandon all types of dairy products such as cheese and eggs, some may only consume vegetables & fruits and not other things else. There are many … Read more

Benefits From Raw Food Diet Recipes

raw food diet

Raw food diet recipes are recipes in which contain merely organically grown fruits and vegetables without chemicals. Typically raw food won’t be cooked at temperatures over 115 degrees F. The temperatures is very important since if foods get cooked over 115 degrees F, it is going to destroy the valuable nutrients and enzymes. Those are … Read more

How To Put A Balance Diet For Kids?

humus roastedpepper sandwich

For every parent to be, the tough thing for dinner is to ask your kids to eat vegetables. Most of the kids do not like vegetables and greens. They like to eat the commercial food they watched on the television. Therefore, it is always a challenge for parents to put a balanced diet for their … Read more

Good Vegetarian Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Black Bean Cakes

When you are a vegan, you may sometime wonder what are some good vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas? Most of the time you may have difficulty in getting enough information on the amount of protein that your body needs or some good vegetarian foods that you could consume and will provide you the same … Read more

Will I Get Side Effects After Going Vegan?

There are a lot of people would consider to turn into vegetarian or vegan but they do have some concerns and worries that going vegan may caused them to have some unforeseeable side effects which may be detrimental for their body and overall health.

Going Veganism and Skin Color Change

vegan skin

After I went vegan for some time, I found my skin cleared up pretty much. The most obvious part would be my elbows seem to be like baby skin soft. I just can’t believe it and this been surprised by my friends and family as well. However, I do not notice much of the other … Read more