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My Woes on Cooking Vegetarian Foods

Vegetarian Lasagna

Reflecting on some excellent vegetarian recipes that I ever tried, I always know that my favorite one is going to the vegetable lasagna. This lasagna is truly amazing, as long as it is prepared with the appropriate ingredients. Here I would love to share with you some insight regarding lasagna vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian Lasagna
Vegetarian Lasagna

First and foremost, you will have to have yourself worry about the high quality of the vegetables that you’re placing into this recipe. And this keep reminds me of the “quick version” of vegetable lasagna that I was made for the first time which turned out to be a terrible memory for me. I was told to put in frozen peas, carrot, and broccoli, but after the dish was cooked, it ends up wet and sticky.

I only figure out the problem then that I had not put in the decent amount of water that needs to retain in frozen vegetables. Now you may think, it’s not just the water that adds to the vegetables, but rather it is the organic “leaching” procedure when there is a severe temperature change.

It is lucky for me that I went through the difficult way when it comes to preparing and short-cutting the recipe with frozen vegetables. I knew that I had turned out to be smart which I also learn the precious tactic on how to save time when preparing vegetarian lasagna. But there is still one thing that I need to get improve which is cost-effectiveness. The vegetarian lasagna dish wasn’t that cheap when adding the frozen vegetables, and not to mention all of them ended up in the garbage.

After that, I do not believe that vegetarian dishes are easy to cook. My foolishness continued, as now I decided to buy the Italian jar sauce. Once again, time was of the essence, so I proceeded to complete steam ahead with the pre-made sauce. Wow, what a disaster. The sauce (basically quite a brand name) was so salty, hard for anyone to swallow the making.

The kind of sauce I chose (better for me not to mention the name of the brand) was the branded one. And yes, it had been normally on sale. By properly adding this jarred sauce to the frozen vegetables has just made things even worse. I believe it is time for me to reopen my vegetarian recipes book.

Another disaster in the kitchen I mentioned is my tale of woe. Do not be tempted as I had been to just save a couple of bucks and time. The dish will endure whenever you do that. If I’d have utilized the right ingredient in the first place, I’d done fine.

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