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You Might Consider Earth Shoes for Long-Wearing Comfort and Great Posture

Many people today have heard about or even cherished a pair of Earth vegan shoes, but not everyone knows how this wonderful shoe first came into existence, or why it is so linked to an appreciation of the earth on which we live. However, the connection is not coincidental, and the loyal fans of this wonderful and unique footwear would have it no other way.

Today, those who like to live a little outside the box: environmentalists, vegans, Yoga instructors, and trendy style-setters join a vast array of health care workers and others who are on their feet all day to walk in these comfortable shoes. In reality, their uniqueness goes all the way back to their interesting origins.

earth vegan shoes
earth vegan shoes

Brief History of Earth Shoes

In the 1950s, a sort of world traveler, Anne Kelso, employed a Portuguese shoemaker to help her design a very unique shoe. She had studied the walking habits of the perfectly-postured Brazilian Indians and noticed that their heel print was always more deeply embedded in the earth than their toe print. The Kalso Minus Heel Shoe was created, tested, and marketed in Copenhagen.

In 1969, American distribution rights were sold to Raymond and Eleanor Jacobs, and on April 1, 1970, the first store opened for business in New York City. That also happened to be the date that the first official Earth Day was celebrated. The two events were forever linked and these comfortable shoes, now known as Earth Shoes have firmly established legitimacy here in the United States and around the world.

Most people under 30 probably haven’t heard of Earth Shoes, but the Earth’s footwear name is synonymous with style, comfort, and durability. They were designed back in the 1950′s by Anne Kalso with the help of a Portuguese shoemaker. She redefined her shoe concept and even personally tested the new footwear models, sometimes on hikes as long as 500 miles or more.

Soon thereafter, Kalso opened a retail store in Copenhagen and began to sell the Kalso Minus Heel Shoe. It got its name because the heel of the shoe was lower than the toe. She had gotten this idea when she saw the superb posture of Brazilian Indians and noticed that their footprints in the sand had lower heel imprints than the toes.

Meanwhile, during the summer of 1969, American travelers Raymond and Eleanor Jacobs were vacationing in Europe. They discovered the Kalso Minus Heel shoe. The Jacobs’ worked out a deal with Anne Kalso and they agreed to distribute the shoes in the United States.

On April 1, 1970, Earth Shoes were born in the United States. The Jacobs’ opened the Kalso Minus Heel store in New York City. When Jacobs’ realized that April 1, 1070, was the first celebrated Earth Day, they put a handwritten sign in the front window that read, “Earth Shoes.”

The sign caught the attention of people passing down the street. After that, the customers who bought the shoes made them popular by telling all of their friends and family. The shoes grew in popularity and many more stores began to open.

Today, Earth Shoes are very popular among young trendy style setters, Vegans, Yoga enthusiasts, and even health care workers or other people who are on their feet for many hours a day. The Minus Heel Technology improves your posture, helps you burn more calories, and also helps tone and strengthen muscles in your legs.

There are many styles of Earth Shoes available including sandals, sneakers, soots, casual shoes, and even Vegan shoes. With summer quickly approaching, everyone is in search of that perfect pair of sandals. Earth Shoes can do more than just make you look great, they can help you strengthen your body, improve your posture, and burn more calories.

Earth Shoes – Experience the Difference for Yourself

The first time you put on a pair of Earth shoes, you are sure to be surprised. You may even question why you did it! Earth shoes have a unique technology which they claim helps you “burn more calories with every step”. Their patented Negative Heel Technology helps tone and strengthen your body as you walk. Some of the features of Earth footwear include:

  • Kalsø® Negative Heel Technology®
  • Anatomic Arch Support
  • BioFoam™ Cushioning

Earth shoes have a few suggestions in terms of wearing their footwear, but the most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t wear the shoes for more than an hour per day when you first purchase them.

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