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Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to be Burdensome

So sick of doing crunches and avoiding your favorite high-fat, high-calorie goodies, yet it feels like you’re not losing any ounce of fat at all? Or do you feel like it takes a flying pig before you could lose some weight?

Yes, losing weight is never an easy task, it sure does take some work. But it doesn’t take ninja-like efforts either.

lose weight stomach
lose weight stomach

Here are a few easy and pain-free ways how to lose weight – and keep it out of the window.

1. Hydrate to Lose Weight

Drinking a glass of water before each and every meal can quell your appetite, making you feel not famished. Water can also help increase your body’s metabolism. Studies have shown that the more you drink water, the lesser your fat deposits, and the lesser you drink water, the more your fat deposits. So, do you have a good relationship with water every day? If not, you better start doing so today.

2. Grumble and Rumble

Ever grabbed a bag of chocolates or a bottle of wine after knowing that your greatest crush is already in a relationship? Or even a gallon of ice cream after the protagonist of your all-time favorite drama or movie is abducted, tortured, or dying – you get the picture. Many people eat their self out of boredom, happiness, frustrations, and stress, just like in the scenarios aforementioned. But craving for food when you’re not hungry, biologically hungry, is a big N and O, NO. Learn to recognize the signals of hunger– like grumbling and rumbling of your stomach, and satisfy them. Make sure that you only eat when you are hungry.

3. No to White, Yes to Wheat

A slice of white bread looks so innocent you can hardly think it is bad for your diet. But eating carbohydrates mixed with white flour and sugar not to mention is more than enough to cause a rise in your sugar level and can add a digit or two to your weight. So opt for foods with high fiber content like cereals, oatmeals, and whole wheat bread. Eating more than two servings of whole wheat pieces of bread can keep you away from hunger longer, and will be less likely to wreak havoc on your diet.

4. Ordinary Coffee is Healthy

2013 U.S. statistics show that 83 percent of adults drink coffee, making 587 million cups in that year alone. A living testimonial that coffee is inevitable. But did you know that the fancier your coffee gets, the higher your diet is at risk? Fancy coffee drinks are bulk with several hundred calories.

How so? Thanks to the added whole milk, sugar, whipped cream, and many other things. But, ordinary coffee, on the other hand, has just a small amount of calories. You not only get the nutritional benefits of coffee, but you can also keep your diet safe. So remember, simplicity is healthy.

5. Natural is Supernatural

Losing weight is the Achilles’ heel of many people. Even the most conscientious methods of losing weight are likely to induce frustrating results, only a few succeed. Such frustration is why others go and should go for natural, like fruits, vegetables and herbal plants. One of the most prominent herbs is the Forskolin plant.

Also known as Coleus forskohlii or labeled as fat burning plant. It is believed to be used even in ancient times because of its amazing and unique benefits like treating asthma and lowering blood pressure. Today, according to studies, it can help to aid the breakdown of stored human fats. Thus, resulting in unbelievable weight loss.