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Is Vitamin Water Zero Good For Health?

It has two of the healthiest words in the English dictionary listed in its title; Vitamin Water HAS to be healthy for you right?

Vitamin Water is the perfect example of how good marketing can provide the illusion of a super hydrating and healthy beverage that will rejuvenate your body. Each flavor elicits an empowering name like ”Strength,” “Focus,” “Balance,” or “Endurance,” and every bottle is a vibrant color that stands out and allures even the youngest eye.

vitamin water defense

The problem with this seemingly miracle beverage is that is doesn’t live up to its healthy hype. If you check the ingredient list, the product contains MORE sugar and calories than a 12 oz serving of Coke (110 calories and 30 grams of sugars vs 125 calories and 33 grams of sugars). Unfortunately, people are being misled by the Coca Cola company.

– Serving Size 8 fl oz; Servings per Container 2.5 (most people drink the entire bottle)
– Calories 50 (doesn’t seem too high if you neglect to watch servings per container)
– Total Fat 0g (ZERO FAT! Now we know it must be healthy! *insert sarcasm*)
– Sodium 0mg (at least there’s no sodium)
– Total Carbohydrate 13g (multiply that by 2.5…32.5)
– Total Sugar 13g (multiply that by 2.5…32.5 = all the carbs in this beverage are added sugars. YEEPS!)
– Protein 0g
– Vitamin C 60%; vitamin B3 10%; vitamin B6 10%; vitamin B12 10%; vitamin B5 10%, Zinc 10% (alright, so it is fortified with a few nutrients, it still has more sugar than some candy bars: RED FLAG!)

vapor distilled/deionized water, crystalline fructose, citric acid, vegetable juice (color), natural flavor, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural flavor, vitamin E acetate, magnesium lactate (elecrolyte), calcium lactate (electrolyte), zinc picolinate, monopotassium phosphate (electrolyte), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), cyanocobalamine (B12)

Crystalline fructose = processed sweetener derived from cornstarch and a substitute for high fructose corn syrup, linked to fatty liver disease, obesity, and heart disease.

Natural flavor = read previous post I wrote about what natural flavors are.

Fortified nutrients = the addition of chemically synthesized nutrients to enhance the nutritional value of “sugar water” does not make a healthy beverage; is Coke Plus healthy? Remember: marketers are great at their job and can get YOU to believe what they want in order to sell their product.

After taking a closer look at Vitamin Water, it seems clear that the health claims on this particular beverage are deceiving. In fact, the “Center for Science in Public Interest (CSPI) has even filed a class action lawsuit against the company stating that the marketing of Vitamin Water as a “healthful alternative” is a falsehood and in direct violation of guidelines set by the FDA.” (source)

Ultimately, I would recommend opting out of Vitamin Water. I hate being so negative, but why waste your sugar intake on Vitamin Water when there are so many other sugary treats worth splurging on!! Have you seen my Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies or Mint Chocolate Truffles??

If you are in search of the HEALTHIEST, most HYDRATING beverage, look no further than your kitchen sink. Properly filtered water is going to be the most nutritious beverage you could choose and that goes for your kids too!! DRINK UP!!