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Is It Dangerous To Be A Vegan?

Wrong Mindset on Vegan

Many people are having the wrong mindset and think that having a full vegetarian will cause them not to get enough protein and nutrition. Actually this is rather not true. If you are having doubt as well for going vegan, it is good if you can spend some of your time to conduct some research on Vegan diets to gather information and learn about it.

By doing so, you are able to ensure that you’re having the right vegan diet concept before going for it. What I can say is that a vegan diet is the ideal one and is perfectly healthy as long as you do it right. All you need to do is you have to learn how to do that.

becoming vegan
becoming vegan

You can find some great books like The China Study or Becoming Vegan which you can get them and read through, as I strongly believe these books will help you to clear your doubt about going vegan.

There are some misconceptions most people think about vegan such as:

Misconception 1:

A vegetarian can’t get sufficient amino acids and vitamin B12 which only can find in meat.

– This is not true. There are vegetables, beans, soy foods, nuts, and grains that are enriched with protein and vitamin B12. As long as you take at least 2 of these foods on your daily meal they will provide you with sufficient amino acids. You can split out all these foods throughout your day as it is not necessary for you to eat them all in the same meal.

Misconception 2:

Eating too much soy is not good for health and most vegetarians are consuming a lot of soy.

– We know that eating too much of any food is not good and if you are having decent soy for your meal, then it has no problem at all. Besides, most vegetarians do not totally depend on soy. You need to know that soy is one of the foods that include in the vegan diet, but it isn’t a staple.

Misconception 3:

Fish can provide the protein that vegetables not able to provide. Besides, fish can provide amino acids, essential fatty acids, and Omega 3 which are rich in fish.

– If you have a mindset like this and been trying going vegan and having such a conclusion, that is very likely you didn’t get the proper diet as a vegetarian. In addition to providing Omega 3, fish and Fish oil will also provide you with a lot of mercury which can detrimental your health.

Misconception 4:

Find out what metabolic type you are so that you can know whether you need more carbs or more protein. If you are a carbohydrate type, then being vegetarian may be good for you; if you are a protein type, you better stay away from being vegan.

– This is rather untrue and you no need to have serious medical professionals to prove this. Neither alternative medicine or allopathic are believed in metabolic type. You can find definitely no research to support this. You can refer to the ADA’s opinion for this issue and then take a look at their position paper on vegan and vegetarian diets as well.

Protein For Vegan and Meat Eaters

We should know that beans are a great source of protein. You could buy textured vegetable protein in bulk and add them into your dishes as they are a really good replacement of meat for supplying you with sufficient protein. It is actually not as much protein as meat-eaters think they need.

Most of the meat-eaters are usually consuming more calories than they need and those excess calories end up becoming fat or are filtered as waste through the kidneys which burden the kidneys by creating more work for it.

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