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How to Save Money on Beauty and Fashion Essentials

All of us have found ourselves pinching pennies at some point in our lives. While beauty is one thing many women won’t sacrifice on, there are ways to save a buck or two and still look just as fabulous. Check out these moneysaving, creative ideas.


Wash your hair every other day. You will spend less on shampoo and your hair will actually be healthier…a double whammy! If you think your hair looks a bit oily in between washes, pat a bit of baby powder on your roots.

When you do buy shampoo and conditioner, buy the biggest bottle possible. It is more cost efficient and better for the environment.

If the price of clarifying shampoo leaves you breathless, leave the beauty supply store and go to the grocery store. Grab a bottle of apple-cider vinegar instead. Use it as a rinse and your hair will have a great shine.


Need a skin scrub? Raid your kitchen…there are lots of food items that are actually beauty miracles in disguise! Mix brown sugar and honey for a sweet smelling scrub. Mix olive oil and sea salt for a deep-action scrub. Apply either mixture to buff your body smooth.

Don’t you hate it when there is just a bit left in your scent bottle but not enough to actually spray? Instead of tossing those last few, precious drops, dump the remainder into your body wash or unscented moisturizer and enjoy the fragrance even longer.

Most of our medicine cabinets are full of “just in case” type stuff. Put one of those items – Pepto-Bismol – to use more often. Smooth a thin layer of the pink stuff on your face like a mask and let it dry. Then, rinse it off. The salicylic acid will reduce redness and tighten your skin.

Use bar soap instead of body wash. Because of the minimal amount of packaging, bar soap is usually a lot cheaper. And added bonus…less waste is better for the environment!

Fingers and Faces

If your French manicure chips, don’t go back to the salon…go to your desk. Grab a bottle of White-Out and touch up your tips.

Looking for a cheap way to remove your eye makeup? Try Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo. It is much cheaper than makeup remover and just as gentle.

Foundation is expensive and seems to disappear quickly. To extend the life of your foundation (and save a few bucks), buy a bottle that is one shade darker. Mix it with a bit of moisturizer to match your skin perfectly and add a sheer glow.

Do you get tired of a lipstick shade before finishing the tube? Hate to see that last little bit get wasted? Don’t throw those stubs away. Instead, cut them off, mix a bunch of unused shades in a plastic container, and melt them together in the microwave. Rub the new shade on like lip balm.


If your closet isn’t as big as you would like (and whose is??), you will probably need to rotate some clothes into storage each season. When you pack them away, stick a dryer sheet in between items. They will be all nice and fresh when you take them out next season. You’ll save yourself the time and money of washing them again.

If you ever find yourself in a last-minute wardrobe malfunction (like a gaping shirt or loose neckline), grab a festive earring stud. It will fix the problem, add a creative accessory, and won’t cost a dime.

Don’t you hate it when your necklaces get all bunched together, one strand knotted with another? Store them in mini Ziploc bags. For even better care, keep the clasp out when you seal the bag and the single necklace won’t tangle itself up.