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How Often Should You Change Your Tampon?

Menstruation comes with a lot of emotional components. If a girl gets her period for the first time, it can be surprising, exciting and sometimes disconcerting for her. There will also be certain hygienic things which she need to take care of. Some of them are menstrual pads and tampons. Some women find pads more comfortable than tampons and vice versa. It totally depends on the choice and personal decision. The question that is asked by most females is how often should you change your tampon? Before discussing anything, lets find out what is a tampon.

What Is A Tampon Make Of?

How Often Should You Change Your Tampon?A tampon is that absorbent material which is inserted into a wound or a body cavity to absorb or stop secretions. In the case of females, at the time of their menstruation, it is inserted into the vagina to absorb or soak the menstrual blood. The shape of the tampons is typically cylindrical. It comes with connected strings or applicator. It is made of cotton, which makes it smooth and soft. A better choice would be the one containing an applicator, because an applicator places the tampon into the vagina more comfortably.

Those tampons who do not contain an applicator are termed as digital tampons. They are very simple to unwrap and can also be pushed into the vagina with the finger. Tampons are simple to carry, but requires some effort to insert.

How Often To Change?

When you are on your period, make sure you should never leave a tampon in for more than eight hours. Use a higher absorbency tampon if you tend to change your tampon more frequently. After putting it for eight hours, change it after finding that if it is slightly dry or not. If it is becoming uncomfortable for you, then you should switch to a lower absorbency tampon.

So, in general, a tampon should be changed every four to eight hours. Never wait for exactly eight hours to change,  as it will not be considered hygienic. There can be two reasons when you are finding it difficult to remove a tampon. Either it is probably left in for a longer period of time or the tampon string will be wet. All depends on your period flow. It will be better if you are aware of your period flow and change it accordingly.

Always remember that a tampon is not a plug. Most of the women experience leakage because of the shape of their vaginas. As a back up to tampon you can wear a panty liner which will provide extra protection and also protect you from leakage.

Can You Wear A Tampon Overnight?

Most of the women ask this question frequently that, can they use tampons overnight. The answer is yes. You can wear Tampax tampons for up to 8 hours in the day as well as in the night. Tampax tampons will not move over the place no matter how much you move around in your sleep. It provides full protection. Please do not forget to change your tampon before going to bed or after waking up in the morning. If you sleep more than eight hours, it will be better for you to use menstrual pads because a tampon should be removed after the duration of eight hours.

reusable tampons

Sizes and Types Of Tampons:
There are a variety of tampons available in the market today. In US, all the tampons used by women are made of rayon, cotton or a combination of both. Four major types of tampons are mentioned below:

  • Plastic Applicator: These are little expensive as compared to the other three. Most of the women find it more comfortable as it easily slides into the vagina.
  • Cardboard Applicator: It is the most inexpensive and the simplest applicator.
  • Digital Tampons: These types of tampons do not have an applicator. You have to insert these types of tampons with the use of your finger.
  • Extendable Applicator: It is a new type of applicator. To use this type of tampon, you have to pull the smaller tube so that it will extend. Tampons of this type are discrete and compact.

The sizes vary according to the choice of the woman and the amount of fluid it can absorb. They are named according to the absorbency level. For example:

  • Junior
  • Regular
  • Super
  • Super-Plus
  • Ultra absorbency

Risks Of Using Tampons

As I have mentioned earlier also that it depends on the choice of women. Some find it irritating and uncomfortable whereas for some it is less problematic and easy to use than the pads.

There is a risk of toxic shock syndrome and toxic shock-like syndrome in using the tampons. TSS is bacterial infection caused by bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. TSLS is also similar to TSS. Both of the cases are very rare, but, on the other hand, risky also.

Which Are Better Tampons Or Pads

Most of the girls choose pads when they get their periods because it is easy to use. There are lower chances of leakage as it is placed outside and you can have an eye on it. As it is outside your body, the chances of any kind of bacterial infection inside the vagina are less. Many girls complain that wearing a pad is like wearing a diaper. A lot of girls prefer tampon because they feel convenient. During swimming, you cannot wear a pad, so girls usually wear tampons. If you are an athlete you should use a tampon as it will give more freedom to the movement.

It is absolutely your choice which one to choose. There is no right age or proper time to wear one or the other. You can also switch and choose the other one for a change or for a reason. Just make sure that whether you are using a tampon or a pad, change it frequently. By doing so, you can stay healthy.

At the time of menstruation, the most necessary question asked by women is, how often should you change your tampon? Make sure you use menstrual pads if you can, as it involves less danger. Otherwise, consult with your gynecologist and use tampons with extra protection.