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How does Stress Affects your Beauty

I have so many things going through my mind – the bank project has to be mailed to the testing team, project review meeting for the last project with the testing and development team, video conference with the client, some documents which are due at Jason’s school, and a party to attend with Mark in the night.

Is this what you feel about your days most of the time? You being anxious about somethings and feeling exhausted is nothing but your encounter with stress.


Stress is a physical response to certain events or actions, when you feel that you have had enough than what you can control or handle. Now most of you out there must be thinking that yes, but stress is such an inevitable factor and in today’s world almost everyone has to deal with it at some or the other time in life. You might or might not know that stress can be devastating, and in which regards, is quite surprising.

For all those, who believe that stress can only cause blood pressure irregularities, risk of cardiac arrest, and weight loss/gain – here’s a shocker! Stress not only causes risk of cardiac arrest and blood pressure problems, but it also hampers your looks, it can really steal your beauty!

So if you have now learned that stress has adverse effects of on your beauty, or if you already knew that, it is important that you take some effective steps to stay clear of stress. Living a stress-free life cannot be as overwhelming as it seems. Yes, I agree that it is inevitable, but only until you plan to fight it. To gear your decision to fight stress, here are some points how it affects your looks and beauty.

Stress and It’s Effects on Beauty:

Stress is a strong factor than can affect your overall health – in fact it can affect your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. You might have one or more of the following symptoms related to your physical appearance, which are alarming enough to jump you off to manage stress.

Lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits are common in stressed people. This in turn again adds up to stress and does more harm. Sleep depletion is detrimental for your beauty, as this will result in blotched skin, dull complexion, under eyes circles, and dry skin.


Your chronic stress is secretly doing its work and producing the hormone cortisol. You will be able to understand the impact may be over a period of time. This hormone has some ill effects on the skin such as collagen breakdown. This ultimately snatches the ability of your skin to repair easily and produce healthy collagen. All these factors lead to significant wrinkles to appear on you face.


Acne can no more be considered as a teenage problem, as almost equal number of adults see acne breakdown. Stress hormones stimulate oil production glands to produce more oil. If your skin harbors excess amounts of oil, it is likely to become clogged with the serum and give way to acne breakouts.

Puffy/Dry/Tired Eyes:

Stress can causing early aging signs in an individual. Eyes are the most prominent organ to present the impact of stress. Sleep depletion is just another symptom of stress and by robbing required sleep, stress results in series of problems such as – puffy eyes, leaky capillaries, poor fluid removal. Beautiful eyes can make you look pleasant and attract attention and stress can snatch the beauty from your eyes.

Daily stress can be working its evil plans secretly that affect your skin, health and body. I have tried to give an insight about how does stress affect your beauty through this article. Stress has adverse effects on your beauty, regardless to what beauty regimen you follow. So stay clear of stress by engaging in stress managing activities and restore your beauty.