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High Protein Vegetarian and Vegan Foods and Meals

Playing on this video to find out what is high protein vegan and vegetarian foods are all about. You are going to get shocked by just how much protein is in these so-called “low protein foods”. Many people after watching this video and said that this is going to create a big impact to the bodybuilders and protein supplement addicts.

Now, we are going to discuss the sources of vegetarian protein. We have complete with the fridge, and therefore now we should go on for the further story.


Just about 40 years ago, by that time when I was still a child (along with a veggie newbie), vegetarianism was not typical. The statement “I am a vegetarian” was met having a basic “Oh”. Then came the 1980s when it became fashionable to become veggie for better well being and health factors.

If you have to be a long term vegan just like me, you are going to have strong beliefs and will not ask questions like “do you eat fish or chicken?” When you face this situation, you should just reply politely and emphatic by saying: “No, I’m a vegan”. The following question that you will expect to hear would be: “how do you get enough protein with vegan?” Once again, reply with polite but emphatic: “It’s easy!”

Brief Description of Various Type of Vegetarianism

For those who are confused with the protein thing, you can find a brief description of different types of vegetarianism. Generally, you will find some people who will take eggs (ovo veggie), dairy (lacto veggie), or both (ovo-lacto veggie).

While vegans are vegetarians that consume no animal products at all. For vegetarians like us, once we say we are taking veggie most people will have the impression that we are eating eggs and dairy. Vegans usually make use of the word vegan to describe them as totally vegetarians without eating any meat, eggs, and dairy.

This post would be all focused on vegan and veggie consuming, either act as a way of life or the occasional meal. Besides, this post also is talking on the topic of muscle improvement with vegetables. Many people would rather suspicious whether these two can co-exist? The answer of course yes, you could just match with basic meals together with some understanding regarding the protein compositions.

Most of us know that amino acids are the constructing blocks of necessary protein. To develop or maintain muscle as well as other body functions, the human body requires a certain level of amino acids which is needed to extract from food.

These tend to be known as the Essential Amino Acids. Besides, there are still other amino acids in which the human body functions on its own which is known as Non-essential Amino Acids. Nevertheless, it needs essential types to produce non-essential types.

Essential Protein

An essential protein is also known as “usable” or “complete” when it includes all the essential amino acids. Animal essential protein is complete. Vegetables, beans, seeds, fruits, and nuts all consist of essential protein, however, they generally not complete and thus need to be “complimented” with meals that have the missing amino acids. The exception to this is soybeans. The essential protein in soybeans is complete and no complement is required.

To sum up altogether, for vegetarians to get sufficient essential protein they would need to consume dairy products, eggs, and soybean items (except soy sauce) which are great sources of high quality “usable” essential protein. For vegans, soy and dried beans will be the primary source of essential protein. Dried beans need to be complemented with grains, nuts, eggs, corn, soy, or dairy (except eggs and dairy for vegans).

For Non-vegetarians, a small portion of meat, chicken, or fish that include in a meal can also complete the essential protein in nuts or beans for an additional essential protein punch that’s also packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals.

by Ainsley Laing

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