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Is Health Bar Really Healthy?

I know alot of people that go the the Health Store, Gym, convenient store etc. and Buy these Supposed Health bars, afew are Good, some not so good and Most of them DOWN RIGHT HORRIBLE!! Most companies that do make a Good bar unfortunately over time start to Change ingredients for Taste and to Save money and most companies are Using False Protein that the Human Body does not recognize or can even use. Here are a few of the ingredients in most of them:

health bar
health bar

1. Gelatine

Call it hydrolyzed gelatine, hydrolyzed collagen or whatever you choose, it amounts to the same, left over remains of dead animals hooves, skin, nose, eyes, whatever isn’t generally considered fit for human consumption. Many protein bars use hydrolysed gelatine pretty high up on their ingredient listing, often as high as the second or third protein source. This is pretty disconcerting, especially when it sits in front of whey protein on the ingredient listing. You can be sure that bars like this will have a good few grams (often more) of gelatine mixed in with the blend. Just think about that for a second the next time you bite into a bar high in protein!

2. Polyols

Maltitol, sorbitol, glycerol etc- You’ve all picked up the high-protein bars that weigh 80-100 grams in weight, yet when you add up protein, carb and fat grams, something just does not add up right? This is down to the polyol content of many protein bars (also known as sugar alcohols) Polyols contain between 1.5-3 calories per gram, so have a lower calorific-value than carbohydrates. It is known, however, that eating too much of these substances can cause gastro-intestinal discomfort and laxative effects (I’ve had this plenty of times). This is a result of sugar alcohols being poorly taken up from the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, we can’t really digest these babies that well. Sure, they are OK in small amounts, but if you’re like me and always on the go, you’ll be eating a nutrition bar at least once per day, so think twice about what’s really going on inside your digestive tract.

3. Hydrogenated fats

Also shown as Hydrogenated vegetable fat or Hydrogenated oil- Hydrogenation is a process of turning liquid oil into solid fat (Plastic). During this process, a type of trans fat may be formed that raises cholesterol levels in the blood. This increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Evidence suggests that this type of trans fats (found in foods that contain hydrogenated vegetable oil) may have worse effects on the body than saturated fats.

Trans fats really, really should be avoided, this is the hardest substance for the body to eliminate, yet look on the ingredient listing of many of your favourite protein bars, I guarantee it’ll be there.

4. Aspartame

Heated to 86 degrees F. becomes Formic Acid and Formaldehyde causing: abdominal pain, bloating, arthritis, asthma, acid reflux . Just 7 of the 92 side effects linked to the use of aspartame, yet still you may see it somewhere in your protein bar marketed towards increasing health! Bizarre but true.

What’s the Solution?

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