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Good Vegetarian Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Ideas

When you are a vegan, you may sometime wonder what are some good vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas? Most of the time you may have difficulty in getting enough information on the amount of protein that your body needs or some good vegetarian foods that you could consume and will provide you the same nutrition that meat provided.

Well, it is always great if we can get a vegetarian for our meal which is delicious and good for our health. It will be even better is the vegetarian recipes can be simple and easy to prepare. As long as the vegetarian breakfast ideas, vegetarian lunch ideas and everything from dinner to dessert is all available then will save us lot of hassles

Therefore, here are some recipes that we would wish to share with you on the great tips that encourage a compassionate and healthy living way.

No-Bake Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

No Bake Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake
A wonderful, yummy treat with this no-bake vegan dessert!

Black-Bean Cakes with Gold Potatoes and Roasted Beets

Black Bean Cakes

Vegetable Soup Mixed with Rice

Vegetable Soup Mixed with Rice
As long as there is a hot bowl of homemade vegetable soup for you to taste, the time of the year is not going to has any matter anymore.

Baby Greens, Peruvian Potatoes, Wild Mushroom with Tofu

Wild Mushroom with Tofu
You need to try this amazing vegetarian recipe as you can make an awesome main dish or perhaps a tasty side dish with this.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes

Even Brussels sprouts not your favorite food but you can still give them another try when someone prepares with you of this delicious recipe! You are going to love them as they are flavorful as they have a great firm texture.

BBQ Style Baked Tofu

BBQ Style Baked Tofu

To have a delicious and mouth satisfying vegan meal, you can try out the BBQ Style Baked Tofu. This type of dish is simple and easy to make, and there is a delightful recipe that you can use for stir fry, sandwiches, or even make it a healthy part that serves as your main meal.

Vegetarian Swiss Steak

Vegetarian Swiss Steak

Meals without meat can still sink your teeth into as long as they are tasty enough to put into your mouth. This vegetarian recipe is created by Dr. Neal Barnard and the PCRM. The recipe is tasty and is very nutritious.

Apple Fried Rice with Eggroll

Apple Fried Rice with Eggroll

If you are rice lover then you definitely should try this fried rice with spring roll, peppery lime dip, and eggroll are mixed to make it a yummy dish.

White Salad

White Salad

This can be somewhat different because it is a healthy salad without any green. The tangy and peppery taste constitutes this delicious “white salad”. The dish has a lot of protein and fiber and the best thing is that it is low fat.

3 thoughts on “Good Vegetarian Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Ideas”

  1. Hi,

    “Vegetarian” means different things to different people… I love vegetarian food from India, but there’s ususally so much oil in it that it digests poorly. You can eat vegetarian and eat very unhealthy.

    I’m into eating vegetarian food that is also “clean food”. One example of a dinner I love is stuffed tomatoes with goat cheese. It’s to die for. (The source link goes to a picture.) It’s from a book I love with clean vegetarian recipes and also travel adventures around the world.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about protein. People try to freak you out with that, saying “how are you going to get protein if you don’t eat meat?” Well, cows don’t eat meat! How do cows and elephants get all their muscle? From eating lots of healthy greens. I could go on and on about this. You’re asking the right questions.

    Good luck with your diet changes,


  2. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of carrots for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Carrots are a wonderful replacement for meat and full of protein.

  3. The thing I love about vegetarianism , I makes choices so simple. Breakfast ( if I’m in a cooking mood)scrambled eggs with onions, bell pepper, the works, whole wheat toast.

    Lunch: Whole wheat sandwich, avocado,tomato,lettuce. There are so many combinations.

    Dinner: usually beans and rice, cooked veggies and a salad

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