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Give Yourself A Good Laugh

Life is full of simple pleasures: sunshine, a good book, a motivational quote, or a long chat with a friend. Remember when you were a child and smallest thing could bring you the brightest smile?

Unfortunately, as we get older, life gets more complicated. The little things just don’t do it for us anymore and our happiness becomes about a big house or an expensive car, as opposed to just watching the sunset. The simple things SHOULD be bringing us happiness, but the more stressed out we get, the less time we spend just enjoying life and savoring the precious moments. If this makes you want to be a kid again, raise your hand!!


Since we cannot magically morph in to little rug rats, let’s reflect upon what IS making us happy these days. Does an expensive new watch or pair of shoes bring you happiness or are you placing value in time with family and friends or how healthy you are? Instead of trying to “have it all,” what if we tried to feel content and relish in the moments that don’t cost you a dime. Appreciate your life for what it is!!

For the whole week, I want you to take pleasure in the simple moments. Bake some fresh bread, take a walk in the park and notice the changing colors of the leaves, pick some flowers for a friend, or read a story to a child. Even though these things don’t cost money, living for the simple pleasures will bring you much more joy, peace, and happiness!

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