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Discovery Health From Fiber-Rich Meals

If you are in charge of planning the menu for your family, we don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to maximize its nutritional value. While you’re making sure that every meal has the required amounts of protein, carbohydrates and vitamin, one nutrient that often takes a backseat is fiber. Here’s how you can ensure your family gets enough fiber.

Why Fiber?

Fiber keeps your digestive system in tip-top condition and prevents toxin build-up in your body by easing waste removal. Some forms of fiber also help maintain a healthy population of the good bacteria in your gut. Good sources of fiber include nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables.

fiber-rich meal
fiber-rich meal

Benefiber, a newly-introduced fiber supplement, makes it that much easier for your family to meet their recommended daily fiber intake. It contains 100% wheat dextrin, a derivative of wheat starch and a good source of fiber. Furthermore, its fine, powder-like consistency makes it easily dissolve in food and drinks (with the exception of carbonated drinks).

How do I add it to meals?

Just two teaspoons of Benefiber will provide you with 3g of fiber. You have two options for adding it to foods. One way is to add it to grains like cereal or rice. The second option is to include it as one of the ingredients in your cooking.

Family Favorites

The following are some family favorites that could do with a boost of fiber!

Chicken soup

There’s nothing like chicken soup to soothe the soul, and yes, studies say it does have a positive effect on colds. After adding all the necessary ingredients, lower the heat and allow the soup to simmer for about 20 minutes before adding a few tablespoons of Beneficent.


Home-made smoothies are good for health as you can increase the fruit concentration and reduce (better yet, remove) the sugar! Place the fruits, juice and two teaspoons of Benefiber into a blender and work until smooth. Now that’s a double dose of much-needed fiber!


Yes, you can add Benefiber to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe! Mix it with the flour and add the mixture to the rest of the batter. Hey, presto, a delicious and healthy chocolate chip cookie!

Looking for more?

Benefiber can be added to any food or drink (except carbonated drinks). As it has no taste or scent, no one will even know it is present in the meal. You could even add two teaspoons into your morning cup of coffee or evening tea. A reminder: increase your water intake when you consume more fiber. If you’d like to try out recipes using Benefiber.