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Discovering Pearly Penile Papules On Shaft

If one day you noticed that there are some bumps or pearly penile papules on the shaft of your penis, how would you react? You might think that this is the end of your world: you’ve been infected by what you think is something that is sexually transmitted, and something that could cause your isolation from your world and your sex and social life. And then, you remembered that six-letter word that rings a bell to everyone’s ears: c-a-n-c-e-r. But before you go crazy from all those thoughts, you might want to know what those papules are, how you got them, and how you should manage or treat them.

pearly penile papules on shaft
pearly penile papule on shaft

Pearly Penile Papules Defined

Fortunately, they are not what you think they are. These papules though seemingly a manifestation of any infectious and sexually transmitted disease is not at all harmful. You might mistake them as genital warts, but they are not. And if you thought of them as a malignant cancer, then, you thought wrong. These papules are far from being malignant, they are simply benign. And, again, they are not harmful. These PPPs or hirsuties papillaries genitalis naturally come out when a man reaches his twenties and thirties with high prevalence among uncircumcised men. Naturally, these papules come and go, but they seem to lower your self-esteem not only to yourself but to your sex partner as well.

How You Got Pearly Penile Papules on Shaft

Apparently, there is no known cause to the occurrence of these papules; they just happen to occur when you least expect them. Personal hygiene isn’t even connected to these bumps in the same way sexual activity isn’t either. But if you start seeing yellowish-white discharges from these papules, then, you simply have a sebaceous cyst. However, seeing your doctor would entail a bigger chance for you to get a clearer picture as to what you are experiencing at the moment.

Possible Treatment

There are a lot of treatments that promise you cure for your condition: cryosurgery, topical ointments and creams, but only one has been proven and remains to be effective. Carbon dioxide laser treatment is a simple and safe treatment that removes those papules in a matter of weeks. Now if you’re worried about hearing the word laser, then, you probably should know the procedure done under this treatment. Once your dermatologist has placed topical lidocaine on the area where these papules are, and once the area has started to become numb, then, a CO2 laser, which has a thin beam as wide as the tip of a perfectly sharpened pencil, will be used to vaporize the papules. You shouldn’t be alarmed if there will be any swelling after the treatment as this is part of the normal recuperation process. Once a week or two has passed, you’d see visible results-the bumps wouldn’t be there anymore. Plus, you don’t need to worry about scarring, infection, or any discomfort afterwards.

When these papules arise unexpectedly, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. Knowing what they are and how to treat them really come in handy.

Practical Homemade Treatments For Penile Spots

Medical treatments for penile spots like pearly penile papules are quite challenging to find. The primary reason is because such remedies include highly expensive surgery and tough recovery. With the mounting global economic crisis, only a few people are capable and fortunate enough to spend huge sum of money for the treatment.

Pearly penile papules treatments and procedures are also reported as relatively perilous. Of course, any surgery is linked to probable risk and complications. But due to the nature of this condition, most men afflicted with pearly penile papules would think twice or more before taking into account lying on the operation table.

Greater effort in providing more affordable solutions with lesser risk gave birth to many natural treatments and homemade remedies to penile spots. The drawback of cheaper way out is that there is greater chance of failure. Some of homemade and natural methods are proved to be less effective, or may have no effect at all.

Ironically, some provided successful results and actually considered as much better option than medical treatment and surgery. This occurrence would give many a glimpse of hope to give natural and homemade methods a chance.

Tea tree oil treatment

Tea tree oil treatment is one of the most common homemade remedy in treating penile spots. Several takers claimed that it is so effective that significant number of penile papules were lessened. It provided gradual clearing of the skin without side effects in fact, the skin stayed soft even after all the papules from the penis were removed.

Tea tree oil treatment is easy to do. The affected area must be wiped down with tea tree oil using a cotton swab thrice or four times daily. There is no need to apply a large amount. This indeed is one of the safest and most convenient solutions as pearly penile papules treatment.

Castor oil treatment

Castor oil treatment is also a highly effective and trouble-free method. Similar to tea tree oil, it must be applied to the affected area but it is recommended to apply a generous amount of castor oil. Then you must cover the affected area with a bandage once you finished applying.

Successful results have been reported using the tea tree oil and castor oil remedies. The challenging part is the fact that such methods are not overnight solutions. You really have to be patient and consistent. A day or two wont give your promising results alright?

As long as you remain diligent in following the routine, penile spots like pearly penile papules on shaft are reported to diminish in weeks, sometimes after a couple of months.