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Delicious Healthy Sandwich Ideas

With the majority of New Year’s resolutions being to get fit, many think this means the end of nice lunches. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! We take a look at some alternative sandwich ideas which are also good for you.

healthy sandwich idea
healthy sandwich idea

Before we do that you can make some simple changes to your sandwich habits which will help before you even change the fillings:


Switch to wholemeal or rye based breads. If you kids love white bread try and a find a 50/50 alternative which they will happy to eat.


Try using an unsalted butter, rather than a salted butter. This will reduce your salt intake and will barely be noticeable among your other ingredients.


Use a low fat mayonnaise

Use Less
If you insist on white, salted butter and full fat mayonnaise just try using less of it in your sandwich

Now for the delicious healthy sandwich ideas!

Green Club Sandwich

Try substituting the chicken and bacon, from your standard BLT, for Avocado. Cut this up and, using whole grain or rye bed, add some houmous, rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes. If you want to you can also season with pepper and low fat mayonnaise.

Salmon and Cucumber

Low in calories this sandwich idea is low cost, lost fat, and filling. What’s more is that fish is high in Omega-3s and the sandwich as a whole is low in sugars and salts.

Egg, Cress & Tomato

If you want a balanced sandwich this offers you a good source of protein so will keep you going until the end of the work day. For those of us with blood pressure problems it is also low in Sodium. You can spice it up with a bit of mayo, but if you do opt for low fat.

Falafel, Houmous, Spinach and Tomato Sandwich

Surprisingly tasty and full of nutrients which are good for your body this is a delicious option you won’t want to ignore. Falafel is rich with protein as it includes chick peas which will give you the energy you need to keep going!

Chicken & Pesto

Ok so it’s got quite a bit of fat in it, and the calorie count is high, but it does taste delicious and its low in salts and sugars which must be good!

Whatever sandwich option you choose it doesn’t have to be boring. Remember it’s good to find a balance between something which isn’t bad for you and keeps you going for the rest of the day.