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Dairy Alternatives – Using and Buying

Plant-based alternatives to dairy products are available all over the world, especially in health food shops and large supermarkets. You can use them in nearly all the ways you would use standard dairy products, the exception being in coffee, where they tend to curdle unless the coffee is already at drinking temperature.

soya milk
soya milk

Where to look when shopping:

Next to similar dairy products (both fresh and long life), and in “Free From” and organic sections in supermarkets.

Dairy Conversion Table

Item Context Vegan version Comments
milk cold and in cooking soya milk, rice milk, oat milk, nut milks any supermarket or health food shops (hfs) in long-life and fresh milk sections
milk in hot drinks soya milk, rice milk, oat milk, nut milks note that soya milk curdles in hot coffee, but not tea
butter to spread and in cooking vegan margarine, olive oil, avocado oil e.g. Pure; big supermarkets and all hfs
butter in cakes vegan margarine or 2/3 the weight in sunflower oil supermarkets etc
butter/ghee savoury cooking & frying vegan margarine, olive oil (healthiest), vegetable ghee supermarkets etc
single cream cold or cooking Soya Dream, and soon an oat based one that also whips any supermarket or hfs
sour cream Mexican dishes and bagels Granose soya cream (or other make & corn flour) and lemon juice whisk / blend
cheese cold dishes Cheezly, Scheese, Tofutti health food shops (hfs), Tesco
cheese melting super melting Cheezly, Tofutti mozarrella slices or home-made cheezy sauce Redwoods direct, independent health food shops
Parmesan cheese sprinkling and cooking Parmezano big supermarkets and hfs
cheese flavour sprinkling and cooking yeast flakes big supermarkets and hfs. Well worth finding these tubs
cream cheese snacks and sarnies Tofutti and other brands such as Swedish hfs and Tesco
cream cheese in desserts silken tofu, soya cream/yoghurt and lemon juice blend with a hand blender or liquidiser
yoghurt cold and cooking soya yoghurt (Alpro Yofu, Sojasun) plain and fruit flavours. Supermarkets and hfs
ice cream desserts and smoothies dairy-free ice cream, e.g. Swedish Glace, Tofutti. Also most sorbets supermarkets and hfs
custard desserts vanilla Soya Dessert by Alpro or Granose, or use Bird’s Custard Powder with soya milk supermarkets and hfs

Annoyingly, some apparently vegan dairy replacements are not, though this is more a problem in the new world. Rice slices and Rice parmezan are not vegan or dairy-free, as they contain casenates, which are milk-derived. That’s nuts, I know!

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