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Cut Your Plastic Bag Usage With Recyclable Food Kozies

Plastic bags are awful things. They’re handy and convenient but once they escape into the environment they cause havoc, trapping creatures, filling our seas, rivers and countryside with rubbish and creating a horrible mess. As a general rule the fewer of them you use, the better.

An alternative to nasty plastic food bags

That’s why Kids Konserve has come up with the Food Kozy, an excellent alternative to plastic sandwich and food bags. If you have kids, or you take a packed lunch to work, or both, you can easily use three or four disposable plastic bags a day. That’s 28 a week, a shameful 1,456 a year and 7,280 over five years. And that’s just your family. Times it by just 500 families – a small village’s worth – and you end up with 3,640,000 plastic bags being used and thrown away to languish in landfill sites and clog up the countryside over just five years. Ouch.

food cozies

Safe food packing materials with no poisonous chemicals

The Kids Konserve waste-free lunch system is different from most because the range is made from the safest possible materials. They’re non-leaching so the stuff they’re made from doesn’t leak into the food you wrap up… and then into you. And they’re non-toxic with no BPA, PVC, phthalate or lead.

Kids Konserve products are great to look at, popular with adults and children alike, easy to use and suitably rugged. Food Kozies remove the need for plastic food bags and are perfect for wrapping butties and bagels, wraps, fruit, cheese and meat. And they even double up as a nifty placemat for eating on the go. Better still you can use them to store cheese, cold meat, veg or anything else you usually stash in the fridge wrapped in plastic or aluminium foil.

Kids Konserve Food Kozies are made from LDPE #4, a low density polyethylene that, unlike most, is recyclable wherever the facilities exist. They’re a generous 34cm diameter so are perfect for wrapping large and small food items. They come in packs of two in a variety of colours and patterns including Ocean blue, Magenta, Mud, Green and Sky. And you can wash them by hand, air-dry them and use them again and again and again… and again!

Shocked by the sheer amount of food packaging waste

So what’s the story behind Kids Konserve? The company was founded in 2008 by Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton, who were inspired to try to reduce the frightening amount of lunch-related waste their children’s schools were generating every day, clogging up landfill, adding pollutants to the environment and sending a very negative message to children.

The ethical bit

Food Kozies are responsibly made in China, India and Taiwan by organisations that are dedicated to ‘green’ practices and who support reducing waste. The labour practices and environmental standards are high, conforming with standards set by the notoriously picky U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They’re sustainable, being good quality and long-lasting, and use recycled materials as often as humanly possible as well as being recyclable themselves. Now that’s what we call tasty!