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Some Wonderful Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

vegetarian lentil soup

If you are vegetarian and looking for some fantastic vegetarian dinner recipes, then one of them that should be on your list would be the delectable lentil soup. The preparation for this vegetarian dinner recipe is quite simple. You can first get some dry, uncooked lentils, then rinse & wash the lentils to get rid … Read more

Delicious Veggie Burger Recipes

veggie burger recipe

Veggie Burger Recipe for Vegans and Vegetarians You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to savor an excellent veggie burger recipe. Veggie burgers could be savored by vegetarians, vegans, and anyone who wishes to have a more healthy meal. Veggie burgers could be easily obtainable by buying from your local veggie food store … Read more

Vegetarian Recipes That Use Caviar

vegetarian caviar

Considered as the jewels of the sea and the exclusive food for the rich, caviar has now become more affordable and available to vegetarians everywhere. Introducing the caviar copycat – an exquisite alternative to caviar made from seaweed. When put to the test, this miraculous substitute tastes every bit as good as the real stuff … Read more

4 Yummy Vegan Snacks That You Can Made Yourself


First, thanks and hugs to all who answered my call for recipe testers. I was touched and overwhelmed by the flood of responses, well wishes, and good vibes that you sent my way! I’m sorry so that I could not respond to the 200+ emails I received, but I now have enough testers. Please consider … Read more