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Herbal Remedies Using Herbal Essential Oils

essential oil

Throughout this year our friends in Europe will be remembering the tragedies and horrors of the Great War (1914- 1918). Because of this, when I began writing this article I was reminded of a famous French Professor (Rene-Maurice Gattefosse) who experimented with herbal remedies. He made essential oils from herbs and used the herbal essences … Read more

Tips to Cure Wisdom Tooth Pain

wisdom tooth

People often complain when their wisdom teeth start pushing through their gums. Wisdom tooth pain can be extremely troublesome, because some people do not have enough room in their mouths to allow wisdom teeth to appear without a problem. Wisdom teeth can become impacted, pushing against adjacent teeth. They also can come in crooked pushing … Read more

Music’s Healing Quality

music healing

Most people know that their moods can be affected by music, and it’s not uncommon for people to cue up music in response to that whether it’s something sad for cathartic purposes, something happy to cheer one up or something energetic to get the blood pumping for exercise. There is increasing evidence, however, that music … Read more

Promising Cancer Treatment – Why The Wait?


The world seemed to stand still after the death of Steve Jobs was announced late last year. Many felt that the human race lost a true visionary, a unique mind whose time had come too soon. The cause of his death was pancreatic cancer, a malignant neoplasm so lethal it has a survival rate of … Read more

First Aid Treatment for a Stroke Victim

heart attack t-shirt

A stroke can be very debilitating, especially if medical attention was not given immediately. What could have been reversible damages to the brain can become irreversible, giving the patient permanent disability. It is for this reason why many individuals suffering from medical conditions that could potentially lead to stroke purchase medical monitoring devices. If they … Read more

The Best Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

yeast infection

Yeast infection is a classic example of how some small imbalances can have profound effects on our body. The infection is caused by Candida albicans, a fungus found normally in our bodies. It is present in our gut, skin and reproductive organs along with other probiotic bacteria and natural flora. In this balanced stage, it … Read more

How to Treat Diarrhea with Simple Home Treatments


If you have no idea of how to treat diarrhea then you may take note of the following time proven methods within the warm comforts of your home. Diarrhea may be called a disease that occurs to most people at some time or the other in their life. However, it is only a mild disease … Read more