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Chromium Supplement Review

Chromium Supplement

In fact, chromium is a kind of trace mineral that is necessary by our body for the overall body health. Well, especially chromium is quite essential and important for metabolizing different fats, proteins, and also sugars in our body. And so as a result, this mineral really assists to keep your heart healthy, to lower … Read more

6 Benefits Of Drinking Monavie Juice

Monavie Juice

For centuries, the indigenous tribes inhabiting the Amazon jungle have benefited from a potent drink, prepared by mixing the juice of acai berries with other nutrient dense local fruits which are freely available in the Amazon jungle. After many years of intense research, a proprietary health drink was launched to enable people through out the … Read more

Does Coffee Really Create Anxiety?


Those that suffer from anxiety often seek out easy ways to relieve their anxiety symptoms. After all, while anxiety itself is a mental health problem and may have some genetic causes, there are lifestyle factors that contribute to anxiety symptoms and if you can change your lifestyle, you can potentially relieve some or all of … Read more

Why I love Quaker Oat Squares

quaker oat

I have to admit that I am not an avid fan of cereals, but I encouraged myself to eat oatmeal as a way to lower down the cholesterol levels in my body. There are many oatmeal recipes that I have tried as well as various oatmeal cereals but not one of them worked since I … Read more

Is Health Bar Really Healthy?

health bar

I know alot of people that go the the Health Store, Gym, convenient store etc. and Buy these Supposed Health bars, afew are Good, some not so good and Most of them DOWN RIGHT HORRIBLE!! Most companies that do make a Good bar unfortunately over time start to Change ingredients for Taste and to Save … Read more

Discovery Health From Fiber-Rich Meals

fiber-rich meal

If you are in charge of planning the menu for your family, we don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to maximize its nutritional value. While you’re making sure that every meal has the required amounts of protein, carbohydrates and vitamin, one nutrient that often takes a backseat is fiber. Here’s how you … Read more

The Soda Nature – Would Drink If Nature Drank Soda


The latest craze in the diet world is not “low-carb” or “low-fat,” it’s all about being ”natural.” In a recent study by the Hartman Group, it was found that natural is exactly what Americans are looking for when they make food and beverage choices. Americans are finally learning about the benefits of following a diet … Read more

Vitamins and Minerals to Keep You Focused on Long Drives


Proper nutrition not only helps to keep your body in peak performance, it also helps to maintain your brain function. Brain nourishment can be particularly important in times of high stress or when concentration is critical, such as on long drives. You can help your brain to function at its best by providing the right … Read more

Don’t Believe The Gluten Free Hype

gluten free

The buzz surrounding gluten-free food isn’t likely to die down soon. Today’s Dietitian, a trade magazine for dietitians, just released a survey of more than 500 dietitians on their predictions for this year’s nutrition trends, with gluten-free coming out on top. Adhering to a gluten-free diet is advisable for people with legitimate gluten intolerance or … Read more