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Learn Why Protein is so Important to Properly Build Muscle

build muscle with protein

Protein plays a vital role in the development and maintenance of muscle mass. A diet lacking adequate amounts of protein can impede an individual’s progress toward their fitness goals, as well as impair overall health. As such, understanding why it is important to consume adequate amounts of protein and how to do so is essential … Read more

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

When my husband and I decided to deal with our infertility we wanted to educate ourselves and find a solution to our problem. We were considered by our doctors to fall under the category of “unexplained Infertility,” I was 36 years old and had not gotten pregnant after 8 years without birth control and had … Read more

Tongkat Ali Test Results Will Show The Way

tongkat ali extract

The most prolific testosterone booster of nature is the Tongkat Ali extract. This all-natural and wondrous herb has been tested every year for several reasons, from possibly using it as a cure for cancer to using it to see how it affects levels of testosterone in the human body. Plant from South East Asia The … Read more

Get to Know Your Digestive System

how digestive system work

The human body is a marvel of design. It houses many complex systems that are uniquely independent in function, yet interdependently related in purpose. More than 100 trillion cells, 206 bones,600 muscles and 22 internal organs work together to keep us alive. One of the 10 major organ systems is the digestive system. Without the … Read more

Memory Foam Mattresses For Back Pains

Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeping on the wrong mattress is one of the culprits of lower back pains. Getting one that doesn’t totally support your back causes poor sleeping posture, strains your muscles, and misaligns your spine, all of which adds to your morning-after misery. Therefore, choosing the right mattress – where you spend approximately 220,000 hours of your … Read more

Top Ways to Boost Your Metabolism


Stimulants are supplements or food products which boost your metabolism and get your heart beating faster. This then means that you feel more awake and more alert and at the same time it means you burn more fat. This normally works by putting your body in the ‘fight or flight’ response through the production of … Read more

Common Spine Issues for People Over 50

elderly gentleman

As we age, our body goes through several changes. Some of the parts that are most affected are our bones. When we are young, our body can easily create new bone marrow to help fix breaks. However, when we reach the age of 30, this ability starts to decline. The production of testosterone and estrogen … Read more

Fit and Healthy on the Road

fit and healthy

The cold, flu, coughs and sore throats are all equal opportunity infectors. Coming down with a nasty bug on your home turf can be a taxing event in itself, but for the traveling physician, it can be even worse. Nothing quite compares to a first impression with your new working environment for the next few … Read more

How Often Do You Need A Tetanus Shot?

Parents are interested in making their kids grow into healthy individuals. This statement is true for people from every country, culture and religion.  Some diseases like tetanus can make them suffer. The question that arises the most is how often do you need a tetanus shot? Tetanus is a fatal disease that affects the nervous … Read more

How Much Of Our Brain Do We Use?

how often should you change your tampon

The brain is the most complex organ in our body. It is a wonderful feature in the human being which has made some very good discoveries. It is like a computer memory, disk only, but the difference is that it is not man-made. A brain stores the cherished memories and keeps it safely. You can … Read more