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Premier Home Health Care Services Options

Premier Home Health Care Services

Senior Home Health Care Are you an elderly person who wonders how you will take care of yourself and your home as you age – yet do not want to leave the surroundings that are most comfortable and familiar to you? Perhaps you’re someone who has a family member facing such a challenge. If you … Read more

Spread the Health To People All Around You

healthy family

Health. It’s a huge priority in my life. It’s such a big priority that I spend most of my day reading and learning about up and coming nutritional topics. I’m always trying to challenge myself to learn new things in the area of wellness because I just LOVE health. I love health SO much that … Read more

Take Charge of Your Health!

vegetarian diet

For the average American, life revolves around food. On any given day, whether shopping, cooking, or entertaining, food seems to be the focal point. However, when you take your focus OFF food because it has been derailing your weight-loss or causing illness, it’s hard to know what to do with yourself. How can you be … Read more

The Effects of Menopause in Women’s Health


From puberty to menopausal stage, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes. The most popular description with regards to menopause is the cessation of monthly menstrual period and it often occurs during the mid 40’s to early 50’s in a woman’s life. This is also a transitional phase for the body’s reproductive system as … Read more

3 Ways to Cope with Stress Eating


The scenario is all too familiar: after working all day you come home to a messy house, the kids are screaming, you fight with your husband, you reluctantly agree to one more favor your sister asks of you, and you STILL have to make dinner and get MORE work finished this evening. By the time the kids go to bed and you’ve finished up the last … Read more

What Not to Eat and Drink for Whiter Teeth

teeth whitening

Even though everyone strives to have the perfect smile, there are things that you may unknowingly be doing to hinder how brilliant your smile is. Many of the foods and drinks you love could be prohibiting you from having a whiter, brighter smile. For some of the top foods and drinks that cause discoloration in … Read more

The Truth About the Flu Vaccine

There has been a lot of talk about the flu vaccine and the vaccine’s supposed dangers.  Many myths have been circulated about it.  This vaccine is very important in helping protect people from getting the flu, so it’s important to dispel any and all myths that have been damaging the flu vaccine’s reputation. Myth 1:  … Read more