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Will I Get Side Effects After Going Vegan?

Vegetarian Dieting

There are a lot of people would consider to turn into vegetarian or vegan but they do have some concerns and worries that going vegan may caused them to have some unforeseeable side effects which may be detrimental for their body and overall health.

Going Veganism and Skin Color Change

vegan skin

After I went vegan for some time, I found my skin cleared up pretty much. The most obvious part would be my elbows seem to be like baby skin soft. I just can’t believe it and this been surprised by my friends and family as well. However, I do not notice much of the other … Read more

Is It Dangerous To Be A Vegan?

becoming vegan

Wrong Mindset on Vegan Many people are having the wrong mindset and think that having a full vegetarian will cause them not to get enough protein and nutrition. Actually this is rather not true. If you are having doubt as well for going vegan, it is good if you can spend some of your time … Read more

Should Vegan Using Pearls As Jewelry?

pearls jewelry

For those vegetarians who are in love with pearls and is happen to be their favorite jewelry, it would be a very interesting question of whether they should wear pearls? They might need to think about how they go about it. The matter of fact is, pearls can be harvested without killing the oyster. Once … Read more