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The Vegan Solution

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In this world of rapidly increasing human population, new directions in food development will become a necessity in our near future. The majority of this population has survived off simple indigenous diets that were predominantly vegetable and corn or rice-based for thousands of years. The 21st century provides different circumstances in that globalism has meant … Read more

Vegetarian Dieting For A Longer Life

Vegetarian Dieting

Presently, there are a lot of people who are converting themselves into vegetarians. Most of these people are doing so is because they wish to go for a vegetarian diet plan as they understand that the diet plan is excellent for their health.

What can Vegans Eat? The Complete Guide

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People become vegans for various reasons – moral beliefs, health reasons, or simply because they want to try it out. While vegetarianism involves refraining from eating the meat of animals themselves, veganism is something quite different. A vegan cannot eat any animal products at all, so if it’s related to an animal, it can’t go … Read more

Become a Vegan Can Change Your Life

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Four Steps. Veganism. Nice. Ever thought about taking life to the next level and becoming a vegan? It doesn’t have to be hard! I will show you the four steps that can take your life from meat-eater, vegetarian, or anything in between, to vegan. There are so many benefits that come with being a Vegan; … Read more

Vegetarian Concepts- Do Those Help?


Even though the world is rapidly waking up to the benefits of vegetarianism, a better understanding of vegetarian concepts is required in many people. Sustaining on a diet that dispenses with animal slaughter by-products is known as vegetarianism. We come across many people who choose to turn vegetarian over the course of their lives or … Read more

Best Foods to Eat Every Day


With all of the information floating around, it’s difficult to keep track of good nutritional guidelines. However, there is a small group of foods that should be considered a part of every diet. By doing your best to incorporate these into your daily menu, you ensure your body is getting much of what it needs … Read more

The New Vegan

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I’ve been re-evaluating my choices in life lately and being Vegan is one thing that came up. Not in the sense that I desire NOT to be Vegan but more so on Why I am Vegan, wanting to network more with others who choose a plant-based diet and expanding my knowledge on the subject. This … Read more