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Tips for Healthy Eating on a Tight Budget

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One of the reasons people are reluctant to adopt healthier eating habits is that they mistakenly believe that healthy eating would be too costly; however, with a little effort you can learn how to eat healthy even on the tightest of budgets. With a little planning, you can adapt your shopping plan so that you … Read more

Female Bodybuilding Diet

female body building

A female bodybuilder’s diet is perhaps the most important aspect of her routine. All the gym time in the world is put to waste if the body is not provided with the essential building blocks required to create significant muscle growth. Diet is so important that when prospective bodybuilders ask Cecile Bayeul, a professional natural … Read more

How to Eat Healthy On a Budget

We need healthy foods in order to enjoy a healthy life and keep ourselves fit. It can be frustrating to stick to a healthy diet when factors like cost and kids enter into the equation. The situation is even worse if one is a student. However it is not so hard to follow healthy eating … Read more

High Fiber Fruits and Vegetables


Cereals, Legumes, Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts Cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits and nuts are all good sources of dietary fiber, but they differ in amount and type of fiber and therefore in the effect they make. SOLUBLE fiber, especially from wholegrain oats, barley and psyllium husk, may decrease total and LDL cholesterol levels if consumed on … Read more

6 Nutrients that Improve Your Mood!


If you did know about what is stress about, you should understand what a negative impact it can have on your life and future health. As with many other conditions, it only makes sense that when you are eating better, you just FEEL better. However, when you are feeling stressed and flustered, you might not eat as … Read more

Healthy Diet for the Whole Family – How to Do it

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A healthy diet is something that benefits everyone and not just those that are trying to lose weight fast Studies have shown that those eating a healthy diet have less health problems as they grow older have increased energy levels and generally enjoy a better quality of life. However, another consideration should be children and … Read more

9 Super Foods that Stimulate Immunity Boost

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The immune system protects the body by the action of various infectious agents, in particular, and generally prevents and neutralizes the foreign elements that, under certain conditions, can attack the integrity of the body. The body cannot produce all these substances but is forced to acquire them from the daily diet. We will present you … Read more

Top Foods That Contain Antioxidants


Foods that contain antioxidants have an important role in the health of the entire body as they defend and protect it from a number of conditions and natural processes that occur during life. Besides strengthening the immune function and greatly influencing the effects of aging, they play an important role in the fight against cancer … Read more