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Is It Healthy? Lean Cuisine

wrap food

I have never been a frozen dinner type of person but since I get so many questions about the health value of the Lean Cuisine brand of foods, I decided to add it to my “Is It Healthy?” series. I’m not sure if it’s the TASTE of Lean Cuisine meals that make them so popular … Read more

20 Fun Finger Foods for Babies

baby with ice-cream

When it comes to snacking with babies and toddlers (less than 2 years of age), it is easy to get stuck in a rut. It is hard to encourage variety, like I mentioned in the first Baby Bites post, when you have run out of new snack ideas! The latest Baby Talk Magazine for March … Read more

How to Get Your Baby Eat Healthy Foods?

Preface: I work with babies and children on a daily basis and understand that feeding infants and toddlers can be a struggle. I’m not saying it is not a task in and of itself or trying to make it seem simple. I wrote this post because I hear every day how “so simple” it is … Read more

5 Components of Healthy Eating: Choose REAL/WHOLE Foods

unhealthy foods

I thought long and hard about what topic I wanted to use as my fifth post in this series and after careful consideration I decided to end with my ultimate rule for healthy eating: consuming REAL, WHOLE foods. Striving to keep my kitchen stocked with REAL ingredients and WHOLE foods is not as complicated as … Read more

5 Important Components to Healthy Eating: #2 Turmeric

meal with turmeric

The first day of my 5 components of healthy eating, I discussed choosing antibiotic and hormone free meat and dairy. I got a lot of great feedback about the post and so I’m hoping you will enjoy this next post as well! I have discussed the benefits of turmeric on my blog before but I … Read more

Heralth Benefits of Bilberries

bilberry american

The lowly bilberry has enjoyed a significant place in human nutrition and pharmacology since the Stone-Age. It is doubtful that Neanderthal Ned harvested bilberries because of their anti-aging properties, but he certainly benefited his health by enjoying their flavor and nutritional value. A member of the European blueberry family, the bilberry was highly regarded by … Read more

8 High-Calorie Foods to Cut from Your Diet


If you are trying to lose weight, you’ll need to cut back on the amount of calories you are taking in each day. Think about the foods you eat. Write down everything you eat for just 1 day, and you’d be surprised how many extra calories you are taking in that you really don’t need … Read more