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Protein Shakes As A Healthy Meal Replacement

protein shakes

If you really want to lose weight then protein shakes seem most appealing. You don’t need to starve instead you will get healthier by this process as it gives your stomach a sense of fullness. It balances your blood sugar level and provides your body with energy and all the essential nutrients which you need. … Read more

What to Eat Before, During and After a Running Workout

running workout

Eating the right food before, during and after a running session is of utter importance. Without the proper running nutrition you will not be able to do your best, or be stronger. The easiest way for most runners is to eat energy bars, gels and sport drinks. And this is also healthy, because these products … Read more

Delicious Healthy Sandwich Ideas

healthy sandwich idea

With the majority of New Year’s resolutions being to get fit, many think this means the end of nice lunches. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! We take a look at some alternative sandwich ideas which are also good for you. Before we do that you can make some simple changes to … Read more

The Benefits of Herbs and Spices


After an excellent birthday weekend, I’m sad to report that I left my camera cord for picture upload at my parents’ house, 2 1/2 hours away. So, I will delay blogging about my birthday festivities until I get my pictures up! In the meantime, I had a great question from one of my friends about … Read more

Diet And Massage During Your Stay At A Health Clinic

yogurt dessert

It is not uncommon for a person at a health clinic to begin by spending two or three days fasting, or semi-fasting. On a fast, you are allowed only water and lemon juice; on a semi-fast, you are also allowed fruit. Experience Unpleasant Side Effects During Fasting Many people experience unpleasant side effects during a … Read more

Is Skinny Cow Ice Cream Healthy?

homemade smoothie pops

What do you think about the health value of Skinny Cow Ice Cream? I realize they are a very popular brand and I know I’ve sampled them a time or two, vaguely remembering that I did enjoy the taste. But regardless of whether they taste okay, is it healthy? Time to take a closer look … Read more

The Advantages of Eggplant for Your Health


How many people routinely think to incorporate eggplant in their diet? Growing up, I was never exposed to this purple vegetable and so it wasn’t something I ever thought to make when I was on my own. I decided to make Eggplant Parmesan while I was in college though, because I saw a recipe with … Read more

Find out How Healthy A Pretzel Is?


Pretzels. Are they healthy? I get this question A LOT, so I decided to address it on my blog. In my opinion, pretzels have very little to brag about. Even though they are low in fat and relatively low in calories, they are not particularly nutritionally sound. INGREDIENTS: Enriched wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, … Read more

Is Vitamin Water Zero Good For Health?

vitamin water

It has two of the healthiest words in the English dictionary listed in its title; Vitamin Water HAS to be healthy for you right? Vitamin Water is the perfect example of how good marketing can provide the illusion of a super hydrating and healthy beverage that will rejuvenate your body. Each flavor elicits an empowering … Read more

Is Yogurt A Healthy Food?


Until I read The China Study a few months ago, yogurt was a daily staple in my diet. Why? Because I enjoyed the taste and felt it was a way to meet my calcium needs. After reading The China Study, my views about dairy changed drastically and I have since started limiting ALL dairy foods. … Read more