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Can Drinking Tea Help Reduce Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular Health
In recent time, death caused by cardiaovascular disease is on the rise, especially in developed world. A report from World Health Organization shows that more than 16.7 millions deaths were reported in year 2003. What was shocking is that about 29% of the deaths were caused by different of cardiac disease. Although, for a long time the disease has been associated with the developed world, developing countries have started to experience the effects of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiac Disease
World Health Organization is estimating that within few years time cardiac diseases are expected to overhaul AIDS as the main cause of deaths in developing countries. Since, it’s ranked as the largest cause of deaths worldwide, the disease has created the need for the entire industry to come up with its cure. It’s important to understand what causes cardiac diseases, symptoms and treatment.


A cardiovascular disease, involves the dysfunctional conditions of the heart, arteries and veins. These organs are responsible for the supply of oxygen to vital body organs, such as the brain, heart, and other body organs. If supply of oxygen is not enough, the tissues or organs will eventually die. Cardiovascular diseases can be caused by a number of factors; however most of these causes are diet related. Maintaining a health heart depends on the intake of vitamins and minerals, which are becoming extinct on the food we are eating nowadays.

Diabetes causes heart instability, and proper functioning of other organs. People suffering from high blood pressure are exposed to; heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes. Overweight, is another factor that causes cardiovascular diseases. The reason behind this, is the fact that the heart has to work extra hard, to ensure that the flow of blood is adequate in all body parts. For example, when lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood is low, it results in formation of a plaque in the arteries, this known as Atherosclerosis. When this condition develops it becomes problematic for some heart muscles to receive enough blood supply. Another condition that might develop is Arteriosclerosis, this involves arterial walls becoming inflexible and stiff, making the flow of blood to and from body organs difficult.

green tea

Poor Life Style
Smoking also causes dysfunction of the heart, as it increases the heart rate severely. Smoking also restricts the proper function of the arteries, and results in unbalanced heartbeat. It raises the level of blood pressure resulting in pilling up of fats in the arteries. Drinking too much alcohol causes cardiovascular diseases, by overstimulation of the heart pumping ability. They are various treatments available in treating heart diseases, and one of them is drinking green tea.

Green Tea The Answer
Drinking green tea can be the easiest way, in making sure that your heart remains healthy. For instance, drinking tea prevents cholesterol from turning into arterial plaque. Green tea is also known to contain high levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are very influential in fighting cardiovascular disease. Green tea also causes thermogenesis; this is a process of burnig excess body fats and regulating amount of blood sugar on the body. This is crucial for overweight people who require losing weight for healthy reasons. Since green tea is inexpensive and readily available, it is important that you consider including it on your diet.