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9 Types of Fruit You Can’t Eat with Empty Stomach

We all know that eating fruits is good for our health, and some even make fruits as their staple meals. However, in fact, there are some fruits that we should avoid to be consumed with an empty stomach. Below is the list of 9 types of fruits that we shouldn’t eat with an empty stomach and the reasons why:

1. Oranges

Oranges are rich with sugar and organic acids. In the morning, our body carries a lot of stomach acid on an empty stomach. Eating acidic oranges will stimulate the gastric mucosa and leading to increased stomach acid.


This can cause discomfort such as bloating, diarrhea, and gastric ulcers. Therefore, you should not eat oranges on an empty stomach. It is best to eat them after a meal.

Notes on eating oranges

  1. Oranges should not be eaten before meals or on an empty stomach. Otherwise, it is bad for the stomach. It is best to eat them half an hour after meals.
  2. Do not drink milk within 1 hour before and after eating oranges, because the protein in milk will solidify when it encounters fruit acid. This can affect digestion and absorption.
  3. Don’t eat too many oranges at a time, and don’t exceed 3 a day. After eating oranges, you should brush your teeth and rinse your mouth in time to avoid harm to the oral cavity.
  4. Do not take oranges when taking medicines as it is rich in fruit acids and vitamin C. When taking vitamin K, sulfonamides, spironolactone, and potassium supplements, oranges should be avoided as well.

2. Persimmon

persimmonThe fruit is containing Persimmon plastic phenol, pectin, tannic acid, tannin red pigment, and other substances which can cause a very strong convergence effect.

When having a stronger stomach acid with an empty stomach, the stomach acid can easily be condensed into a lump which is very hard to dissolve. If the lump is small, it can still be able to get excreted with the feces. However, if the size is larger, it will be very easy to form a “stomach persimmon stone” disease.

When our stomach is empty, it contains a large amount of stomach acid. At that time, it will react with persimmon phenol, colloid, and pectin. The soluble astringent in persimmon may cause gastric.

Besides, it can also cause nausea, heartache, gastric ulcer, vomiting, stomach dilatation, gastric perforation, and stomach bleeding.

3. Banana

bananaBanana is rich with magnesium. You should avoid consuming banana with an empty stomach because it may lead to a sudden increase of magnesium in the blood. This can cause the ratio of magnesium and calcium disorders in the blood and making cardiovascular inhibition which is bad for your health.


4. Tomato

tomatoThis fruit is rich with pectins, persimmon plastic phenol, soluble convergence as well as other ingredients. These types of acids will have a chemical reaction with the stomach acid and condensed into lumps which are not easy to dissolve.

The lumps can make the hole of the stomach getting stuck and causing a pyloric blockage. The consequence is the stomach pressure going to increase and causing gastric dilatation. This could make people feel stomach bloated and getting stomachaches.

sugar cane

5. ​​Sugar Cane

Sugar cane has a high sugar content and should not be eaten on an empty stomach, otherwise, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach pain and fullness of the spleen and stomach.

Moreover, eating too much sugar cane on an empty stomach will cause “hypertonic coma” due to sudden infiltration of excessive-high sugar in the body.

6. Fresh Lychee

Do not over-consume fresh lychee with an empty stomach, otherwise, there will be suddenly adding too much sugar into your body which can cause you to experience a “hyperosmolar coma.”

lycheesThe sugar content of lychees is about 16.6%, and most of it is fructose. Fructose can stimulate the secretion of insulin, which may trigger a hypoglycemic reaction. Symptoms that caused by eating lychee with an empty stomach include dizziness, palpitation, paleness, dizziness, and fainting may occur.

Also, if you eat too much of lychees at a time, it is easy to cause a hypoglycemic reaction. Therefore, it is necessary to eat lychees in an appropriate amount. Generally, adults should only consume around 300 grams of lychees per day, and it is safer to eat between meals.

7. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is good for digestion. This fruit has a sour taste, which can help in promoting digestion. Also, it can increase gastric acid and bile secretion. This can help to stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa.


However, eating hawthorn on an empty stomach can easily cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, increase hunger, and aggravate stomach problems. If you are eating with an empty stomach, it is going to release a lot of gas that helps to expedite the digesting process which may hurt your stomach. Hawthorn contains tannic acid, which has a certain astringent effect and can easily cause constipation.

8. Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in strong enzymes. Eating on an empty stomach can hurt the stomach. Its nutrients are best consumed after meal so that it can be better absorbed by the stomach.


The nutritional value of pineapple is reflected after the meal, so it is the best fruit after the meal.

If you like to eat pineapples, you should fill your stomach with other food first before eating, otherwise, it will burden the stomach.

Eating pineapples after a meal can discharge the intestinal impurities, eliminate constipation, restore the metabolism functionality, and prevent bowel cancer.

It also has a good effect on symptoms such as tracheitis, nephritis, dysentery, heatstroke, and fatigue.

9. Black Date

Black dates are healthy fruits that are rich in vitamins and iron. This fruit is good for nourishing blood and stimulate blood circulation. Black dates are smaller than red dates. It is black in color and is very nutritious.

black dates

However, the black date is not jujubes but instead, it belongs to the Persimmon family. It is a kind of wild persimmon. The black date is rich with pectin and tannic acid. These ingredients tend to combine with stomach acid and will also form a clump in the stomach.

In particular, you should avoid eating them with an empty stomach. People with chronic gastrointestinal diseases should avoid consuming any black date at all.

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